Chronicles of Bodo: Tempest's Hand

End of Chapter 2

When last we left our heroes: The party (Lash, Raymus, Dasha, Lou, TeeO, and Crash) gained entrance to the palace of Jolok where they met the crimelord and his majordomo, Igren, and met up with Drax. Warrick Raden was sentenced to death for his incompetence when Lash was more than happy to carry out the sentence by lopping off his head with a vibroaxe. The party convinced Jolok they could offer him something and got to hang around his throneroom when Aurra Sing showed up with a Twilek she claimed had escaped Jolok named Oni. Then Jolok called for entertainment and Lash, Dasha, and Raymus entered the arena to do combat with the Kang brothers, a droid and a rodian gladiator. All weapons were set to stun and, while it looked as if the group would succeed, they quickly fell once they lost the advantage. Drax lost money betting on it. Everyone retired to their rooms to lick their wounds when Drax and Ray heard a man’s voice calling for help. TeeO had disappeared by morning. The next morning in the throne room, representatives from the Iron Ring Slavers organization arrived complaining of low quality slaves. They had a woman in tow that looked just like Commander Omega but with a mechanical arm. Lash interceded to solve the dispute and Drax ‘bought’ Omega from the slavers. Entertainment was called for again where Lou piloted a droid in the droid races against Igren Demos, a Quarren, and a Gamorrean. Igren was given 2:1, Lou 2.5:1, the Quarren 3:1, and the Gamorrean 16:1. Everyone bet heavily on Lou. After 3 rounds, Lou tied for last place with Igren and the Gamorrean won it all. Meanwhile, Drax questioned Omega in his room where he found out that she was really Commander Omega (real name Aiala Soruu) and had been attacked and sold into slavery by Darth Wrath after discovering that he had secret plans in place to take over Emperor Bodo’s position. She instructed the group to carry on with normal activities but that they needed to gather evidence against Wrath and discover his secret operations. That night, the voice returned to the force sensitive guys and they followed it into the basement looking for it’s source. Meanwhile, Dasha, Lou, and Lash were attacked by assassins in their rooms. An explosion caused by Lash started the fight in the basement as well as in the guest rooms. The whole gang made their way deeper into the dungeons where they fought guards and discovered the Jedi Master Fa’talith being kept unconscious against his will. Lash also reported receiving a datacard from SixSix showing Demos talking to the other Commander Omega about coming down to the planet and receiving ‘the package’. The group rescued Aiala and Fa’talith and escaped to their ship when news that Jolok and escaped on his luxury yacht.



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