Chronicles of Bodo: Tempest's Hand


After returning to the Resurgence, Fa’talith is sent to the infirmary where he starts getting medical aid. After debriefings, Maya calls the group together into the conference room for an update.

“Thanks for coming everyone, and once again, I appreciate all of your efforts. They haven’t gone unnoticed either by myself or by the Princess. We have struck a mighty blow with your efforts on Cato Neimoidia. Jolok Tu’dah is on the run, and therefore unlikely to be effectively helping the Alliance, and another high ranking official, Lt. Commander Aiala Soruu, has defected to our side. She can provide valuable insight into the machinations of the Imperial machine. I thought I would let her explain to you the direness of the situation and our next step…Commander.”

Commander Soruu stepped forward, cleaned up and looking like a professional officer since the last time you had seen her. She was now dressed in the uniform of a New Alderaanian security force member and her mechanical arm had been replaced with a more modern, real looking, synthetic one.

“Thank you Maya. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for rescuing me. We have a lot of work to do. Besides our victory with this trip, we also had a loss. As you all probably have heard by now, TeeO (or Terran) has gone missing. Most likely he was captured either by Igren Demos or Jolok himself. Besides being disturbing because he is only a small child, news has broken across the galaxy that he is in fact the Emperor’s son. It is no secret within the Alliance either that Emperor Mobodu’wan has been looking for his son for 10 years now. This makes him a bargaining chip for Jolok. Most likely he will try to hold the child over the Emperor’s head until he gets the Alliance to assist him in getting us off of his back. What we have learned…Jolok is funneling large amounts of tiberium gas and slaves to the Alliance. As Admiral Swood has told you already, I also was deep within the Alliance and personally took care of the Emperor’s business dealings. The Emperor knows nothing about this. His second in command, General Wrath, head of the Alliance forces, is diverting materials and resources (including some of these slaves) into a secret project of his own. This is the Project Revelation we have discussed before. Furthering his own interest, Igren Demos has sent us the destination of his predecessor Jolok Tu’dah. He is headed to Bespin to close a major deal with the Alliance under cover of the sabacc tournament. He’s most likely selling the boy in exchange for goods or services. Demos has also leaked to us that an Alliance officer will be participating in the event who is in the pocket of Jolok. He thinks the tournament is serving as a cover for a clandestine meeting between the officer and an agent for Jolok. If we can infiltrate the tournament, you may be able to come face to face with these two individuals and perhaps one of them can lead us to either Jolok or to what this Project Revelation is all about. We can also use some old favors of mine to get some members of you on the security detail working that day. Whatever happens, we cannot let the child fall into the hands of Darth Wrath. The buy in for the tournament is 10,000 credits. Unfortunately, the Princess has most of her wealth tied up in funding the Rebellion movement but she has offered to fund one of you. The purse for the tournament is 1,000,000 credits. More importantly, the information we could gain from the Imperial traitor and Jolok’s lackey would be invaluable. It could bring us one step closer to finding out just what Project: Revelation entails. Are there any questions?


Episode VI


The search for the truth continues. Jolok Tu’Dah, fleeing his palace on Cato Neimoidia, has traveled to the planet Bespin to seek refuge. Traitors within the Galactic Alliance, working with Darth Wrath to usurp the throne, make their way to the planet of gas and air to meet up with the Crime Lord. Dark dealings are sure to take place under the cover of the annual Cloud City Sabacc tournament with millions of credits on the line both in and out of the game. Bespin, home to the famous resort and mining outpost known as Cloud City, remains free of Imperial rule for the time being, and the city teems with criminals and gamblers. Meanwhile, intrepid heroes working with the New Alderaanian Resistance travel to Bespin to find the crimelord and learn more about his dealings with Project: Revelation. . .



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