Chronicles of Bodo: Tempest's Hand

Jolok Tu'dah's palace

Hopping aboard your new swoop bikes, with a blaster stuck in Raden’s ribs, he leads you on a treacherous and winding journey through the city bridge, to one of the mountain hubs, and out onto another delapitated bridge city.

The trip takes close to an hour, and rarely goes very quickly. It’s a surreal swoop journey that seems to go inside and through ruined buildings and excavations as much as outside through the streets. Several times, he takes you down into the city sublevels, where you find yourself winding through labrynthine tunnels, stairwells, and riding down non-functional conveyer tubes. After a while of this, you realize that you aren’t sure, any longer, of which direction you are pointed. Clearly, Raden doesn’t like to travel in the open.

You finally ascend a long and wide concourse stairway up into a collapsed concourse, with daylight streaming in between the mountains of broken rubble and steel from several destroyed palace compounds, which have all flowed into the streets. There are many gaps in this area where it looks like turbolasers have blown chunks of the road out. He picks his path through towards a massive toppled Neimoidian statue, which hides the remains of a sturdy stone battlement, inset with a pair of massive blast doors 5 meters tall, and carved with elaborate runes.

Raden walks timidly forward up to a door, which has a small communications panel. He presses a button and sputters some phrases in Ryl


A long moment passes before two Nikto guards with hunting blaster rifles appear on the battlements above the doors, weapons pointed down at you. A metal panel in the blast door scrapes as it slides open. You see a large pair of glowing eyes staring at you from the dark. A gravelly voice speaks from within the doors, again in Ryl

<jolok>< someone from the crowd whips a pair of medpacks at him, bopping him in the head. Raden falls to his knees in supplication and begins to grovel>

<silence> Calls for droid

A very brightly polished silver protocol droid, with large, pimped out violet eyes and a blinking purple flame-job on his chest, approaches.

“His Swollen Magnificence, Jolok Tu’dah, demands to know why you have come to his palace, and how you convinced Raden to escort you.”

“Many in this room could not find this place unless they were invited, and some would have trouble if they were drawn a map. Perhaps there is more to you than meets the eye.”

“Enough. Join in my court for a few days. I have many matters to attend to, and I’m expecting visitors besides, but I smell a business opportunity here. Maybe we can explore working on a venture together, after we get to know each other.

Besides, my other associates would be disappointed if they missed an opportunity to take your money in our games <laughter>

Guards, take Raden to the dungeon to consider his failures.



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