Chronicles of Bodo: Tempest's Hand

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Military Woman Wanted For Treason

Admiral Romi Swood has disappeared and is wanted for treason. Swood distinguished herself in battle during the Battle of Endor, but has lately been acting unbalanced. She was allowed to keep her rank, out of respect for her service, but was not posted to a position of any importance. It is suspected she may be under the influence of dangerous radicals, and has been in contact with known outlaws. It is the duty of all Imperial citizens to contact their nearest authority with any information they may have.

_ Max Rebo band announces new singing tour_

The Max Rebo band is performing a travelling tour along the Corellian Run. Fans are excited and the Sy Snootles following is reaching a fever-pitch. The recent craze due to her latest song, “Lapti Nek” is still building momentum. Said one Corellian teenager, “She is so beautiful. I could stare at her for hours.” The boy is not alone as it is now believed that there are more holograms of Sy Snootles in boy’s bedrooms then there are of Twi’lek slave girls. Sy Snootles will also be releasing for the first time her own brand of skin, eye, and lip products to a generation of girls desperate to imitate her and her rise to success.

Advertisement: Join the Imperial Navy!

Want a job that combines great career training with the sense of serving your Emperor and his citizens? Participate in exciting fields like starship engineering, security, weapons control, fighter pilot, and someday perhaps even command. Recruits receive preferential status and promotion opportunities over conscripts. Talk to your local Imperial recruiter today.



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