The Emperor

Bodo Mobodu'wan


Orphaned at a young age when his home planet of Alderaan was destroyed by the Empire, young Bodo Moboduwan was an heir to a nonexistent throne. Spared from the destruction of his homeworld due to being offworld training to be a Jedi, Counselor Xibak smuggled him off planet in hopes he would survive. Making the escape with the help of his best friend Dell and his girlfriend DeSha, the trio was captured by pirates before escaping to Tatooine where they would meet their compatriots in arms for the next few years. A Twilek named Jolok Tudah and a human named Rue-Jax Kang. They would go on to fight a crime lord and evade capture from numerous bounty hunters while freeing an entire lost planet of Sith. Bodo would go on to marry a queen of the Sith where he would claim the throne.

He currently rules the galaxy as a chosen successor to Bail Organa and disputes the heritage of Princess Leia after it was revealed her father was not Bail but Darth Vader. He claims that Leia is leading the people to the dark side while refusing to rein in her wildcard brother (also a son of Darth Vader).


19 BBY - Bodo Mobodu’wan, son of Anzac Mobodu’wan and Tia Organa Mobodu’wan, is born on Alderaan. 18 BBY - De’Sha Ducatiss is born of slaves on the planet Eriadu. 13 BBY - Winter Retrac discovers a 6 year old force sensitive child in the House of Alderaan while visiting with her friend Leia Organa. His name is Bodo Mobodu’wan. -In an effort possibly to divert attention from his own force-sensitive child, Bail Organa convinces Bodo’s parents to allow Ylenic It’kla, a Caamasi Jedi Knight of the Old Republic living on Alderaan, to train the young boy in secret. - Even though Ylenic is worried about it getting out, Bail convinces him to train the boy in the ways of the force. 11 BBY -Ylenic It’kla presents Bodo with his first lightsaber. He says it used to belong to Nejaa Halcyon, codename: Spicewood. 10 BBY - Bodo Mobodu’wan and Romi Swood meet at a young person’s public service ball. 8 BBY - On a visit to her friend Bail Organa, An’ya Kuro (also known as the Dark Woman), visits with Ylenic It’kla and his padawan Bodo. She sees ‘much conflict’ in his future. She warns Ylenic of the vision and recommends to start slowing his training. She also gives him 1/2 of a force crystal as a birthday gift. She says only that it will help protect him from ‘prying eyes’ and that it will improve his training. She also states that one day he’ll find the other half. 6 BBY - While on a diplomatic trip with his father, Bodo convinces his au pair to let him visit his girlfriend aboard the Victory Class Star Destroyer Intimidator who is visiting her father. While there, he meets Maris Brood who senses he is strong in the force and follows him back to Alderaan. 5 BBY - Bodo and his girlfriend Romi Swood are seperated as she is to attend the military academy at the behest of her father Admiral Boros Swood. 4 BBY - On a goodwill tour through the core worlds, Emperor Palpatine meets and is impressed with the royal youth Bodo Mobodu’wan. He tells Bodo that he should be much further in his training given his skills and recommends he train with someone more advanced. He tells Bodo of a special training facility on Coruscant where the boy’s true abilities can be harnessed. 3 BBY - The Emperor secretly sends Maris Brood, disguised as the Dark Woman, to Alderaan to recruit the boy. As a relative of Leia Organa and force sensitive, he hopes to use the boy to locate the hidden rebel base. - Bodo begs his mother and father to be allowed to train on Coruscant with a former Jedi called the Dark Woman, who is actually Maris Brood. The Duke Anzac Mobodu’wan and his wife Tia go against the recommendations of Bail Organa and relent after the Dark Woman teaches Bodo the rare ability Force Cloak. 2 BBY

-Bodo Mobodu’wan leaves Alderaan for Coruscant to begin training. There he befriends De’Sha Ducatiss and Dell Dashgrifter

The Emperor

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