This slender Human woman is clearly a veteran of many battles, as she has numerous scars and marks of combat across her face, arms, and hands. Her eyes match the dark armored clothing she wears, and a perpetual sneer adorns her face.


Kessra is the Human leader of the Vipers. She built the gang out of a band of former mercenaries who were stranded on Cato Neimoidia after the end of the Battle of Yavin. Rather than be taken captive by the newly formed Galactic Alliance, Kessra led her mercenaries into hiding under the guise of being a swoop gang. After a while, Kessra realized that her Vipers could live well on Cato Neimoidia, and they took over the streets of Zarra. When newcomers arrive, she makes sure that the Vipers are there to demonstrate who runs the show in the city.


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