Chronicles of Bodo: Tempest's Hand

Murphy's Law kicks in

Lash stood on the ramp of the Gambit with his clipboard checking off everything he had requisitioned for the trip to Cato Nemoidia. Maya approached. “Have everything you need Lash?” “Well, everything but Daken and the R2 unit. They seem to be lagging.” Maya looked at the ground before she answered. “Well, that’s what I came to talk to you about. There’s been an accident.” Drax stuck his head out of the ship. “WHAT?!” “Calm down, he’s fine. We think. It seems he tried tapping into the Resurgence’s mainframe. We’re not sure why. Anyways, when he attempted to process the entire rebellion network he, for lack of a better word, overloaded his sensors. He just sits there staring. We don’t know when he’ll come out of it but you’ll have to make this trip without him. Crash will have to take his place. Meanwhile, our doctors will be trying to snap him out of it.” Lash looked unconcerned. “You heard the lady! Let’s roll!”

A plan of action

Maya gathers everyone together before the mission. “I’ve called you all together because this mission will place you all in real danger. Cato Nemoidia is a colony world which is fully controlled by the Empire. That means that Mr. Tu’dah most likely has a deal with the new Galactic Alliance government and has them on his side. Unlike Felucia, this world is openly run by the Alliance ever since the failure of the Separatists to defeat the Empire during the Clone Wars. The planet was carpet bombed repeatedly and most of the citizens that remained on the planet did not bother to rebuild much. It’s a wasteland run by the Alliance in the cities and outlaw gangs on the periphery. Our only positive is that noone should want to get past the meager Empire defenses and so they shouldn’t be looking for anyone. I have tried to convince the boy, Terran, to stay aboard the Resurgence and conduct his search from here. Unfortunately, he refuses. I cannot ask you, as a team, to take a child and endanger him so I completely understand if you choose to deny him passage. As with all missions, you will be compensated as before and you will be able to requisition items before you leave. Any questions?”

In the NEWS!

Holonet Galactic News HGN

New Government installed on Doron

Following the occupation by Alliance troops last week, the Emperor issued an executive order suspending due process for all military and government officials involved in the insurrection. Local elections have also been suspended. The Emperor has installed Welt Regan, one of his aides, as planetary governor. Regan has stated, “The majority of the citizens of Doron are loyal to the Emperor and to the Galactic Alliance. They were subject to a corrupt government with lingering Rebellion tendencies. Due to the disbanding of the survivors of the Doronian planetary defense force I have requested and received permission to keep the brave soldiers who made this victory possible on station to restore order. Our forces are searching the planet for additional insurrectionists. Several traitors from the Doronian cabinet are still at large through we anticipate their capture within the month.”

Most of the captives taken so far are on penal ships transferring them to Kessel and Sevarcos. Three Galactic Alliance Navy Warships and 3 Corps of troops are on station on the planet and are expected to remain for at least six months. The blockade will be lifted in six days and normal space traffic is expected to resume then.

Occupation of Doron

Reporter Jaina Towani and Lt. Commander Omega

The battle at Doron saw the debut of new military weapons by the Alliance Fleet. Our reporter Jaina Towani was granted an interview with Lt. Commander Omega to discuss these new developments and the recent military action:

Jaina: Thank you for agreeing to this interview Commander. May we begin by summarizing what the situation was like on Doron?

Omega: Insurrectionist elements within the Doronian government issued an open challenge to the Emperor demanding certain concessions with the threat that if the demands were not met Doron would withdraw from the Empire in direct violation of Imperial Edict 42. The Emperor learned from the Rebellion that dealing with terrorists is futile. I was ordered to deal with the situation. My fleet consisted of the first of our new Tempest Class Star Destroyers, a Dreadnaught, and a Carrack, all outfitted with TIE craft. The Renegade Doronians had an Acclimator, a Bulk Cruiser rebuilt as a fighter carrier, their orbital platform, and a few squadrons of fighters, mostly Cloakshapes though they had a few of those Y-Wings Koensayr just released.

Jaina: While you’re on that topic, can you explain the Navy’s reasoning behind deploying the TIE fighter in preference more heavily shielded and armed fighters like the Y-Wing.

Omega: When you’re building a small planetary defense force, a corporate security fleet, or even a pirate gang the primary considerations are cost and effectiveness and the roles the vehicle can be used in. For example if you’re part of a defense force charged with defending a space installation a Y-Wing might seem to be ideal as it can fight fighters and also attack larger ships. In the Navy we will almost always have the advantage in numbers and thus specialize. We built the TIE to be a superb dogfighting craft for anti-fighter work while the bomber can excel in it’s anti-ship and ground support roles. Also, it is a truism that the bigger and more ungainly the craft the easier it is to put any idiot in the craft and have them perform with minimum competence. The Imperial Navy has the best pilot training program in the galaxy and the TIE fighter is built to use that skill to it’s fullest.

Jaina: I think our audience is interested in the new Tempest Class Star Destroyer. What can you tell us about it?

Omega: While some of it’s specs are still classified I can tell you that it is a massive craft, dwarfing the Victory-Class that flagged our fleets in the Clone Wars. It has six times the fighter complement and has been specifically built with TIEs in mind. It has more firepower than any ship in active service and an impressive array of defensive weapons and shielding to protect it’s crew. The ship is built with Command and Control computers enabling it to command space and ground battles with equal efficiency. We anticipate having about a dozen in service by the end of the year with more to follow.

Omega: There is a rumor that the ship lacks the ability to enter the upper atmosphere of a planet and this has been criticized as a weakness compared to the older Victory Destroyers.

Omega: The Victory Class will continue in this role but the enemies of the Empire should not see this as weakness in the Alliance Army. The ship has a vast complement of ground support vehicles and troops and enough dropships to deploy them quickly. The ship is also capable of deploying prefabricated garrisons onto a planet’s surface, enabling the army to quickly establish a planetside base of operations.

Jaina: So what happened at Doron?

Omega: Upon arrival we deployed our starfighters and attacked. Our fighters overpowered theirs with minimal losses. Our capital ships with bomber support destroyed their fleet within 20 minutes of arrival. Using ion cannons we disabled their orbital station and assault shuttles filled with crack Navy troops had control of the station within 7 minutes of landing. The Army landed 3 corps of troops to fight an estimated one corp they had on the ground, divided among three military bases. Though they were entrenched with heavy artillery the AT-AT performed beyond specifications in resisting artillery fire and the battle lasted only 12 hours before they surrendered. Clean-up operations were complete within the next day.

Jaina: With the recent controversy in the Senate how do you feel about the continued build up in the Military?

Omega: When the Separatists defected we were caught off guard. We won that war only through skill and a fair bit of luck. When the Jedi turned on us, it almost cost us the war. Then with the Rebellion, some bad luck almost took away our military superiority. But with the cunning and skill of a great leader like Emperor Mobodu’wan anything is possible. We need to be prepared before the next threat arises, whether from within or without. I for one do not want to trust to luck again. Returning to pre-war Navy levels would cripple our ability to do our job and is asking for a repeat of past difficulties. The Army didn’t exist and I think the Clone War proves to us how dangerous it can be to be undefended. I would question the loyalty of anyone who insists that a strong military is dangerous. Those who fear the hand of justice generally do not live by the code of justice.

Jaina: Thank you for your time gentlemen.

Terrorist Attack on Felucia

According to Galactic Alliance sources, a group of terrorists destroyed a medical station on the planet of Felucia. The research facility was dedicated to the study of Vaalan’s Disease, a childhood illness with a 50% fatality rate. Military sources report that the facility was also a vital element in Felucia’s communications network and it is suspected that the terrorists were using the disruption in the communications network to smuggle narcotics off the planet. One source spoke on condition of anonymity: “What we know suggests that there were at least 30 terrorists armed with military grade weaponry and artillery supported by an overgunned corvette or frigate. They destroyed the security contingent and the researchers and planted explosives to destroy the whole structure. Years of research have been lost. What baffles us is the cruelty of the attack. Autopsies indicate the attackers needlessly murdered young patients and unarmed researchers. They could have disrupted communications without destroying the installation as well. We are dealing with unbalanced individuals here. If any citizen has any knowledge regarding this incident or believe they know who is behind this we ask you to contact us immediately.” Authorities have no comment on whether they suspect a further attack.

Max Rebo band announces new singing tour

The Max Rebo band is performing a travelling tour along the Corellian Run. Fans are excited and the Sy Snootles following is reaching a fever-pitch. The recent craze due to her latest song, “Lapti Nek” is still building momentum. Said one Corellian teenager, “She is so beautiful. I could stare at her for hours.” The boy is not alone as it is now believed that there are more holograms of Sy Snootles in boy’s bedrooms then there are of Twi’lek slave girls. Sy Snootles will also be releasing for the first time her own brand of skin, eye, and lip products to a generation of girls desperate to imitate her and her stellar rise to success.

Sabacc Tournament at Bespin

Cloud City has announced that they will be going ahead with their annual tournament. Details on application and travel arrangements will be coming in our next issue.

Gardulla the Hutt Arrested

With the recent crackdown on illegal slave trading an Alliance force arrived on Nar Shaddaa to arrest Gardulla. Her consort insists that he tried to talk her out of this trade years ago but she insisted on continuing. He denies the rumors that he sold his interests to Gardulla to implicate her and protect himself.

The Tralus Twins Captured

The Tralus Twins were captured on Tralus yesterday. The pair were wanted for charges of murder and slave trading. They are accused of murdering at least thirty citizens and abducting over two hundred. The government finally put a bounty of 8,000 credits on his head. Boba Fett, a bounty hunter of increasing renown is responsible for locating and capturing them. They are expected to be sentenced to life in the spice mines.

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Jolok Tu’dah with one of his many mistresses

Swood keeps the briefing short and sweet. She has an air about her that immediately recalls her military past; though she is not unfriendly, she spares no time for idle chatter. It should be clear to the heroes that Swood has not adjusted to life outside of the Imperial Navy; she still acts with the same rigidity that is characteristic of all Imperial officers. She seems uncomfortable in her Alderaanian uniform, but her professionalism won’t allow her to voice any complaints. The woman is all business, and though she seems genuine in her assertions, she remains largely unreadable. After the briefing, the heroes might have some questions about their mission. The following provides answers to some likely questions:

Why should we do this for you? “In exchange for your assistance, Captain Virana has authorized me to pay each of you a modest sum. Additionally, this may be a chance to discover what the GA is planning with the Revelations Project—which could have big repercussions, if I am right.”

What else do you know about the Revelations Project? “Not much more than I’ve told you. My only involvement came in managing resources, and most of those transactions were encoded.”

How are we supposed to find Jolok Tu’dah? “Unfortunately, Jolok’s exact whereabouts are unknown. However, he has been seen in the Cato Neimoidian city of Zarra. Chances are that someone in the city knows where he is.”

How do we discover the extent of Jolok’s involvement in the Revelations Project? “Jolok is not one to give up his secrets easily, but he has been known to take associates into his trust. If you can get inside his palace, he might reveal what is going on—or you might be able to find out by snooping around.”

What can you tell us about Zarra? “Zarra was heavily damaged during the Clone Wars, and half of the city has just never been repaired, it is still in ruins. The few residents that have chosen to remain inhabit a cluster of settlements on one end of the city.”

Each person on the last mission receives the 2000 credits as promised.


Maya turns the controls of the Gambit back over to Dasha as Crash plots a hyperspace jump as soon as they reach the upper atmosphere. Our heroes leave the Star Destroyer Assiduous behind as they leap to coordinates provided to them by Maya. It’s not, however, the planet New Alderaan. Their new base of operations is to be a floating base. A Nebulon B class frigate Resurgence. Upon getting there, the players are patched up and fed while Romi is taken into debriefing and medical to make sure her knowledge won’t be lost. Captain Adrian Verana is the commanding officer of the Resurgence, and he has overseen Swood’s safety and debriefing over the last few weeks. The whole time, Captain Verana has made it clear that no one should mention Leia Organa’s name because the Senator cannot risk being known to be involved in case the Alliance happens upon the Resurgence. Even Romi Swood does not know for certain that it was Organa who had her rescued.


Episode V


Between the stars in the blackness of space, the Nebulon-B frigate Resurgence floats silently away from the prying eyes of the Galactic Alliance of Free Planets. Meanwhile, the galaxy continues to sink further into darkness. Each day, remnants of the rebellion are crushed and a New Order is more firmly established. Former Imperial Admiral Romi Swood has provided New Alderaanian agents with vital information on secret projects, and even now events are in motion to reveal the Alliance’s misdeeds to the galaxy . . .

The briefing room aboard the Resurgence is clean and white, with several benches wrapping smoothly around a holographic projector seated on a raised dais in the center of the room. The projector springs to life, and the blue-tinted hologram of a fat Twi’lek appears to hover a few inches away from the projector’s three curved prongs. With a brusque clearing of her throat, former Imperial officer Romi Swood begins to speak, wasting little time on pleasantries. “Before the Galactic Alliance decided my conscience was a liability,” she says, “I was involved peripherally in a top-secret plan known as the Revelation Project. While the details of the project are unknown to me, I was involved in the transfer of large sums of credits and resources to the project. Whatever the project entails, it is taking up a lot of the Alliance’s time and effort. Moreover, I believe that this Revelation Project is destroying the lives of thousands of sentient beings; casualty reports crossed my desk on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more than that. However, during my brief brushes with the project, I discovered that the Imperial Navy was hiding the program’s existence from the Senate by transferring resources through secondary sources. Resources were routed through the Corporate Sector, through fake contractors, and through the criminal underworld to keep a trail from leading back to the project. One such secondary source was a Twi’lek crime lord named Jolok. Like all gangsters, Jolok is a slimy gangster whose love of credits is exceeded only by his love of power. Part of my job involved transferring resources to Jolok, and in turn arranging for Imperial agents to take control of other resources from the Twi’lek’s organization. These were not simply transfers of credits. The items being traded were not specified, but physical resources were definitely being exchanged. Though it’s not much, this is the only lead we have. Captain Verana has charged me with helping to uncover more about the Revelation Project, and he has authorized me to use you as my agents. We need you to travel to the planet of Cato Neimoidia and find Jolok the Twi’lek. See if you can learn what he is trading in and how it relates to the Revelations Project.”

Episode IV.VI: The Traitor’s Gambit (Treachery makes the heart grow fonder)

When last we left our “heroes”:

The Gambit came out of hyperspace to be greeted by TIE fighters and a Star Destroyer. Dasha makes a hard piloting check to just be able to tumble through the atmosphere and make a controlled crash onto Felucia’s surface. Maya tells the group she can repair the ship but needs Crash and sends them on a day journey towards the prison. The wookiee “Lou” takes point and discovers his scouting skills aren’t as good as he’d hoped as he neglects to warn Dakien of several hazards. Exploding fungi and razor fungi both take their toll on him before Ados and Raymus spot a young child hiding in the jungle. He runs off but glows with the force. The wookiee continues only to stumble across a sleeping Rancor. The rancor stands up to face the group and is immediately fired upon by the wookiee angering it. It advances while the group fires on it. It picks up the wookiee and bites him knocking him unconscious. Just as it appears it is to bite his head off, the young boy yells for it to stop. The Rancor seems to mind. The boy introduces himself as “Teeo” and is obviously force sensitive. He leads the group to his village of Felucians to get help for the wookiee. Raymus heals a group of sick children while he is there and becomes and honorary member of the clan. Just as everyone is settling in, a speederbike is spotted running away. Teeo leads the group to a band of kybucks that can chase the speeders. After a chase through the jungle, Daken fires the shot that destroys the speeder bike before it can warn an outpost. Four other scout troopers run for their bikes only to be cut down in a hail of blasterfire. Lash devises a plot to wear the scout troopers armor while he and Drax and Raymus try to fake their way through the front door. Lash throws a dead trooper on the back of a speeder bike and pretends to be survivors of a battle with the locals. Ados, Lou, Daken, and Dasha are led to the secret entrance by Teeo where they wait for the ruse. The ruse initially works as Lash, Drax, and Ray make it into the Medical Bay. There Drax threatens the Medical officer and the others lock the door. Two Felucians who have been experimented on rise up out of the Bacta tanks and attack. A firefight ensues. While this is happening, Dasha is spotted trying to sneak across an open room because of the firefight in the next room. Four stormtroopers open fire as the Sergeant runs for backup. (Realizing his men are locked outside) The alarms go off as the group systematically goes room to room looking for the Admiral. Daken shuts down the blast doors and turns off the alarms. Ados finds the Admiral and frees her and two other prisoners who are more than happy to use the E-Web blaster on the troops standing outside. The gang finds their way into the communications center where a message has been received.

//ROUTED . . . SECURITY ENCRYPTION CONFIRMED //FROM PRAKITH CITADEL COMM CENTER VIA HOLONET NODE 6673-ALPHA //FROM NODE 6673-ALPHA VIA STAR DESTROYER ASSIDUOUS Priority 1 Message Follows: Prepare former Admiral Romi Swood for transfer to the Citadel. Inquisitor Omega will be arriving within a standard Felucian day/night cycle to take custody of the prisoner. You are instructed to have your medical technicians ensure that Swood is fully rested and at her highest possible strength. Interrogation chemicals should be administered to Swood upon notification that the Inquisitor has arrived on Felucia. Swood will be transferred by shuttle to the Assiduous before Inquisitor Omega takes custody. Time from administration of interrogation chemicals to transfer to the Inquisitor’s personal transport should fall within an acceptable window of 27 to 54 minutes. //END TRANSMISSION

Maya arrives just in time to pick up the heroes after they plant a bomb in the communications array. Teeo is aboard and has decided to go back with them.


The intermittent short range thrusters kicked off as the Gambit settled in to it’s cruising speed above the planet of New Alderaan. The planet had been established by refugees of the now destroyed planet of Alderaan and thus extremely loyal to the rebellion and extremely distrustful of anyone working within the new Galactic Alliance. In other words, a perfect place for Princess Leia to run anti government operations in plain view. Those aboard the Gambit settled in for what promised to be a long trip when Lash Wyrick stuck his voice into the every area of the ship via intercom. “Get your feet down off the furniture and your butts in the lounge, we’ve got an incoming transmission. Daken, you and the wookiee report to the cockpit. Dasha needs some help astrogating.” When Drax arrived, Lash, Raymus, and Ados were sitting around a portable holoprojector. The blue robed figure in the center could be only one person. “Commander, everyone but the pilot and the Mon Cal are present.” “What about the wookiee? Have you informed him of your plans?” Lash looked over his shoulder. “No ma’am. I sent him to the cockpit and instructed Dasha to keep him busy. We are safe to talk.” LtC Omega removed her hood and all doubt that it was her they were talking to. “Excellent. Keep him around. He may prove useful if things do not go according to plan. Speaking of, “Her voice trailed off momentarily as her image was replaced with a rotating planet. Half way through it’s rotation, it stopped and an area on the surface started blinking. Seconds later, it zoomed in to the planet’s surface and quickly became the detention center. “According to the rebel you saved, this location in red is the location of the detention facility. Clouds prevent us from getting much detail but this, of course, coincides with the information we have. Apparently, Palpatine established this location before Yavin but never listed it on any charts. The troops that man it were picked for their loyalty and are replaced by a commander using a false name. We are trying to find out who has been funneling troops and funds to this outpost. So basically, that means these troops are traitors to the Alliance and expendable. Do not feel remorse for what you are about to do. You are to retrieve the Admiral by any means necessary. Inure yourselves to her and her cause and make her open up. We need to know what she knows. I will accept no substitute for success. That is all” Omega seemed to stare at each person in the room as she talked and Raymus wasn’t sure, but he thought her eyes reflected a red light when she spoke the word traitors. Ray thought of sharing his observation with Drax but when he looked up, Drax was staring back toward the tunnel toward the cockpit. Lrroowwrr was standing there emotionless. Drax broke the silence. “How long have you been standing there?” The wookiee didn’t answer as the hum and clanking of the Gambit coming out of hyperspace filled the air. It was immediately followed by klaxons. Dasha yelled through the tunnel not bothering to use the intercom. “Felucia dead ahead! And we got company!!”

Rebirth of the Phoenix

Within minutes of clearing the docking bay, Lt. Commander Omega would launch Operation Phoenix; faking the deaths of five new recruits and taking the first steps in forming “Tempest’s Hand”

Combat Suit Up!

Drax followed the others as they boarded the Gambit, pausing just long enough to look back and see Maya. She nodded approvingly.

“A little old for you,isn’t she?” came a voice over his shoulder. It was Dasha, the ships pilot. A togruto, Dasha had rarely spoken since the teams initial meeting. Apparently, she had finally warmed to the others enough to start cracking jokes.

“Cut it out, Dash.” Raymus interceded, before Drax could say anything. A few years older than the others, Raymus carried himself different than the others. Other than possibly Loo, he had experienced more combat than any of them. One look in his eyes and it was easy to see the pain and burden he shouldered from his short time in the service. There was something else about him, too. Before his “recruitment”, Drax had made a living learning how to read people. Raymus was hiding something.

A hand on his shoulder distracted Drax from his musings. It was Lash. “Don’t go getting attached. Remember, she’s the enemy.” Lash warned. Drax stared silently at his commander. If he only knew, he thought.

As the ship lifted off, Drax made his way to his bunk. “Got something for you while we were planetside.”, Raymus sat up from his bunk across the room. Going over to his locker he pulled out a dusty, old combat jump suit.

“What’s this for?” Drax said, holding the worn outfit up in front of him.

“Back on the space station. We’d all be sitting at the bottom of a ventillation shaft, rotting if you hadn’t taken out those thugs.” Raymus said earnestly.

Drax considered the suit a moment before tossing it down. “No thanks.” he said. “It’d just slow me down.”

Raymus stared at him blankly. “Look.” he said. ” You’re fast. I’ll be the first to admit it, but sooner or later you won’t be fast enough. When that day comes you’ll be glad your wearing some form of protection.” He shrugged “Besides, once I show you the proper way to wear it, you’ll hardly know it’s there.”

“Fine.” Drax relented. “I’ll give it a try, but if it’s at all constricting, then forget it.”

“Trust me. It’ll fit.” Raymus grinned happy with his victory.

Mission Debriefing

The lights dimmed in the conference room causing the background chatter to die down as the presentation lights came up. The lights drew everyone’s attention to the center of the circular room where a raised dais lit up with the soft blue glow of a holoprojector. Maya’s voice preceded her as she walked through the elegant kufarsi wood doors. “The princess really appreciates everyone showing up today and for agreeing to go on this mission.” She stopped in front of the data terminal and took a deep breath. The effort accentuating her youthful form underneath her flight suit. “First of all, I would like to say a personal thank you for your efforts in saving my life back on Sel Zonn Station.” She scanned the room pausing an extra moment to make eye contact with Drax. “Secondly, your efforts in our continuing fight against oppression and tyranny in all of it’s forms is not just appreciated, it is lauded on all kinds of underground communications. Why, just this morning the HGN ran a story confirming rebel activity in accessing the computer’s on Sel Zonn. The bodies of some of Switch’s men were found in the ventilation shafts. It is a horrible tragedy that lives must be lost in this fight, but a necessary one. And that brings me to why rescuing Romi Swood is so important. Not only is the Admiral one of the only female officers of that rank, second only to Yvonne Isard, she is also one of the youngest.” The holographic projector kicked to life with a 3-D rendering of the woman in question. Her image stared out, almost knowingly, at the group of heroes making chill bumps form on their hands and necks. She was a very attractive woman in her mid to late 30’s with piercing eyes and her arms folded in front of her giving her an enhanced air of importance.

The hologram image was blue which made it hard to distinguish details but nonetheless, she had one of those faces that everyone present would swear looked familiar. Maya continued while Swood’s personal data filled the screen behind her. “As you can see, she never married. Instead using her commitment to the Empire and her Father’s influence to work her way to the top. It doesn’t hurt that she was awarded the Chancellor’s Cross of Valor at the Battle of Endor single handedly saving 100’s of lives on board the Executor when she, almost by premonition, had all of the blast doors in the aft section sealed preventing a fire from consuming the ship before it crashed. Astonishly, she also personally took charge of a plan to reoutfit the Executor with extra escape pods before the battle. Yet, even with all of this on her record and obviously one of the most talented officers to ever come out of the academy, the rumors still abound about a supposed tryst between her and the Emperor himself. Which, if true would make her an even more valuable ally for our side.” Maya punched some more buttons and the image of the Admiral vanished being replaced by a planet that spun slowly. “This is Felucia. It is a plant-covered, fairly inhospitable planet between Rhen Var and Colunda Sector, near Mossak and the Perlemian Trade Route. The Old Empire placed a secret prison there to house certain unsavory characters after the Clone Wars. Emperor Palpatine used it as a ‘insurgent graveyard’ where he could keep rebels without ever having to try them in court. Later, when he assumed the title of Emperor, he no longer needed the prison to do his bidding he could do it anywhere. So it fell into disuse and later was supposedly destroyed. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Through information obtained through Admiral Swood, we have learned that the prison is still operating. Another shining example of how our new Emperor Mobodu’wan is not the saint he appears to be. Bothans trading with the planet’s Gossam residents have discovered that this is the most likely place for Admiral Swood to have wound up when she was captured trying to escape her own Star Destroyer, the Razor. Here is the most recent coordinates for the prison which locates it in some of the most remote portions of Felucian Jungle. Luckily, because the GA doesn’t want anyone knowing about the prison, it shouldn’t be heavily guarded. With the skills you’ve already demonstrated, this should be a relatively easy assignment. Are there any questions?”


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