Chronicles of Bodo: Tempest's Hand

The truth

Raymus propped himself up on the railing that was over looking the shops below, his thoughts drifting on what had happened and his next move. He had already made his mind up when Maya walked up to him. “Raymus is it?” Maya smiled “There’s somethings special about you, do you feel it?” Raymus looked her and nodded in agreement. She continued “This is going to sound strange, perhaps you’ll have a hard time believing me, but…” She smiled again when Raymus looked at her confused, trying to reassure Raymus that everything will be ok. Raymus listened and as he did things fell into place, like a puzzle that had missing pieces. “It all makes sense” Raymus said “I…” He trailed off. Maya grabbed his hands “You will not be alone, I’ll help guide you and others will also.” Raymus closed his eyes and spoke up “Maya” he opened his eyes “I need your help on something else as well” Maya listened and remained calm, when Raymus was done Maya responded “I will request for Intel on this ASAP and keep you updated. You’re not alone, remember that. In the mean time, we should begin, it will benefit the rebellion for your sake and ours.”

Holonet Galactic News HGN
Headline News

Spot Inspection of Zel Sonn Station finds bodies

With the temporary shutdown of one of the station’s reactors, a crew went into the reactor shaft for a safety inspection. The group found at least 4 bodies caught on part of a grill that did not completely retract. It is possible that more were not caught and were incinerated. Unfortunately identification of the bodies is impossible at this point so investigators are unsure if this was murder, suicide, or a series of accidents.

A concerned parents organization has founded itself called MAHIG (Mothers Against Holes In the Ground) and are insisting that railings and other safety features be installed around reactor shafts before their children fall in. The administrator of the facility pointed out that all the reactor shafts are all in restricted areas and that any parent who lets their children play there is an idiot.

Visit wonderful Felucia!

Episode IV.V: The Traitor's Gambit (Something borrowed, something blue deck)

When last we left our heroes…

Drax unsuccessfully, but momentarily, tries to bluff his way out of the impending firefight. Seeming not to care when he implies he works for Jolok Tu’dah, the two gangs open fire. At first seeming to be a one-sided affair, many of Switch’s thugs seem to be missing their targets. After the Chevin falls and our heroes seem to have the situation mostly in control, Switch’s own goons ‘switch’ sides and start attacking the heroes. But, with the help of an unknown human and a wookiee who were apparently there conducting their own business with Switch, the heroes of the story survive. But not before Drax convinces the wookiee to throw the unknown human into an open shaft for 100 credits. Both would creep a little closer to the dark side. When Switch is reactivated, he sends for a Dr.’s assistance when Maya shows up. A quick call to Commander Omega reveals that she has become concerned for their whereabouts and has sent another new recruit to find them. He signals that he has taken their ship and landed on Blue Deck where they could pick up their cargo. After Daken sweeps the station’s computers for the fastest and safest route, they head directly to the Blue Deck (with disguises) to claim their Prize. The deck is crawling with G.A. sympathizers and most of their first act is to head for the ship. Except for Lash, Daken, and Drax. Daken speaks to the Loadmaster on the level and finds out the cargo they are looking for has been impounded due to a tip by a certain Twi’lek who had tried to stab them in the back earlier. Daken heads for the ship “The Gambit” and tries to talk to his new best friend, the computer, to convince her that there has been a mistake. Drax talks to the Commander of the Watch and learns he must go upstairs if he wishes to get permission to move the cargo. Lash sneaks out into the hallway. While they are gone, Daken programs a load lifter droid to override the restraining bolt and move the cargo onto their ship anyways. This causes the newly arrived fifth division stormtroopers to arrive and shoot the robot up. But not before it can load the package, thank the force. The whole deck is summarily put on lockdown because of the malfunction and Lash and Drax are denied reentry onto the level. The rest of the gang lines up for inspection via Stormtrooper when Sgt. Grindstaff discovers Maya aboard. He calls for backup when the wookiee flies into a rage and starts another firefight. Because most of the fifth division had been called away due to a ruse thought of by Maya, the remaining troopers were summarily terminated. Lash and Drax made a move to kill the guards in the hallway being partly successful. Unfortunately, Lash was severely wounded in the exchange requiring Drax to carry him back to the ship. A magnificent piloting roll later, they were off the station now wanted by the Alliance. With Maya’s codes they arrived safely on New Alderaan under the protection of Princess Leia Organa herself. After relaxing and healing up along with refueling and outfitting their ship, she offers the group a new adventure in the name of the rebellion. Rescuing an Admiral in the Galactic Alliance Navy from imprisonment on the forgotten world of Felucia. Because the prison is known only to a few, it shouldn’t be guarded well, but the very act of rescuing her is treason. The Admiral is someone our readers are already familiar with, Admiral Romi Swood.


In the City

“Tu’dah?” Drax silently mouthed as his comrades drew their weapons, not sure which side to take in the coming firefight.

The room swirled around Drax as long forgotten memories flowed to the surface. He was only a child when his father dissappeared. His mother had died during childbirth, leaving Argus Akari to raise thier son, alone.

Wether he blamed his son for his wifes death, or he just didn’t care, Argus struggled with parenthood.He would leave Drax alone for days while away on ‘business trips’. He would never speak of where he had been on these trips. The ony joy Argus found in common with his son, was a love of sabaac. They would play for hours at a time, without talking.

It was eleven years ago, that Drax first heard the name Tu’dah. Drax was just seven years old. He and Argus had been engaged in a marathon game of sabaac at a late hour when a loud buzz from the door alerted them that they had visitors.

Leaving Drax in the kitchen where they usually played, Argus answeredthe door. Quietly, Drax had crept to the kitchen door, cracking it open. While he couldn’t see the man at the door, he could hear his raspy voice. “C’mon Akari. Mister Tu’dah said it’s time.” Argus seemd to hesiate, ” Are you sure?” he asked, his voice more shaken than Drax had ever heard before. Silence followed. “O…OKay. Tell Jolok I’m on my way.”

Drax ran back to the table, trying his best to pretend he had never left his spot as his father entered the room. “Who was it father?” Drax asked. “Nobody, son. I’ve got to leave for awhile. We’ll play some more when I get back.” Argus didn’t even look down at his son as he exited the small apartment. That had been the last time Drax seen his father alive.A few days later, his body was found in one one of the air filtration vents that permeated Cloud City. His throat had been cut. With no other relatives to care for him, Drax quickly fell between the cracks of Cloud City. His remaining childhood would be spent moving between foster homes and orphanages.

The sound of various blaster safeties being disengaged snapped Drax back to reality.”WAIT!!!”, he shouted holding his hand up, attempting to head off the battle that was about to take place…


Blaster fire sounds from outside in the hall, and suddenly the blast doors leading into the storage bay slide open to reveal a number of armed thugs outside. In the midst of the rabble is a large Chevin, his trunk hanging low to the ground and his mouth twisted in a snarl. “So you thought you could hide your deal with the offworlders from me, droid? I’m tired of not getting my cut! Turn him into a scrap heap, boys!”

This massive Chevin looks old, even for his species. His trunk hangs low and scars cross his face, giving him a weathered look that matches his leathery skin. His clothes are little more than rags, and a large blaster pistol pokes out from beneath his vest as though ready to be drawn on a moment’s notice.

His main thug looks at him and says “Are you sure Boss? He’s under Tu’dah’s protection!” The Chevin doesn’t look interested, “I said FRAG ‘IM!”

Reporting in...

The blue holographic image sprang to life from the blue eye of the RX-13 droid nicknamed “Crash”. It was his Commander and she looked impatient. “Ensign Wyrick, what news do you bring of your mission?” Lash, even though he was dressed in traveler’s clothes, snapped to attention and saluted the image. “Commander, we have successfully located and rescued the agent Maya from the station’s meager squadron of soldiers. May I recommend this quadrant’s commander be reprimanded for the lack of proper training and oversight he offers this station. I might also add that the trooper’s that we had to kill were poor soldiers and disrespectful of the citizen’s on the station, obviously in violation of his majesty’s new “non-xenophobia” policy of accepting our genetically challenged brothers.” “Your criticisms are duly noted Ensign. Learn what you can from the agent and endear yourself to her cause. Find out what you can about what the Rebellion knows of the Deep Core and report back when you have something on this encrypted channel. Omega out.”

Episode IV: The Traitor's Gambit

The Story so far…

Our Five Heroes, Lash Wyrick, a human, spoiled but responsible young officer fresh from cadet school. Drax Akari, young but debonair card player and scoundrel human. Daken Catesbiana, Mon Calamari computer hacker from the seedy underbelly of the water planet. Dasha Vee, Togruta Scoundrel who’s good with a pilot’s stick. Raymus Antilles, the only crew member who’s seen battle and cleaned it up. A human soldier.

Play begins with them boarding a lambda class shuttle to be ferried out to the Victory Class Star Destroyer Assiduous. After standing in line for a half hour, the band starts playing and the Emperor himself takes the podium to congratulate the galaxy’s best and brightest. Everyone else in the room files out leaving them to an empty hangar bay. Their Lieutenant Commander Omega, dressed in her red Stormtrooper armor, tells them to drop their gear and get into a briefing room. They enter the room just to turn around and watch their possessions and the lambda class shuttle go up in flames. Stormtroopers carry out prisoner bodies to dump on the flames just as their commander tell them their lives as they know it are over. They are now members of a special operations team designed to hunt down and infiltrate rebel cells. Their first mark, Maya, a New Alderaanian security force member who is force sensitive and located on Sel Zonn Station hovering above the planet of Brentaal IV. They requisition any items they need and begin their double lives. Landing on the station, Drax makes his way to the Credit Chip Casino with 200 credits of Daken’s money while Daken uses his new RX droid “Crash” to assist him in hacking into the stations computers to locate Maya. The others mill about the Promenade watching for the agent. Daken successfully navigates the computer to draw up video footage of her so they can recognize her while stormtroopers try to pick a fight with Dasha. Two volunteer Brentaal IV “Knights of the Galactic Alliance” members are spotted working undercover for their government. Maya stumbles in wounded only to be followed by a cordon of stormtroopers. The gang opens fire figuring that’s the fastest way to endear themselves to the rebellion. They quickly dispatch of the stormtroopers and undercover operatives while Drax sits in the casino and dispatches of his money. Maya is carried to a safe spot where Raymus performs surgery on her saving her life. She gives Daken a datapad and tells him to go. The datapad contains a shipping manifest for a package being held by a crimelord named Switch in bay V14. They hurry down to the lower depths of the station to bribe their way past two Gamorrean guards and into the Australian accented Switch’s hideout. They bribe him with credits and a weapon to hand over the cargo and to reveal that it’s a rebel agent who has frozen himself in carbonite to ‘mail’ himself to the deep core onto the planet Empress Teta to spy on the Galactic Alliance. They also discover that the Emperor has formed a ‘roadblock’ along the trade routes to the deep core and is carrying on something secret there. Just as they are leaving to collect their new package, another crimelord (a Chevin named Ganga Lor) bursts in with his thugs and challenges Switch. The gang is caught in a firefight and must choose sides.

The current timeline

A long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away…

19 BBY

- Bodo Mobodu’wan, son of Anzac Mobodu’wan and Tia Organa Mobodu’wan, is born on Alderaan.

18 BBY

- De’Sha Ducatiss is born of slaves on the planet Eriadu.

13 BBY

- Winter Retrac discovers a 6 year old force sensitive child in the House of Alderaan while visiting with her friend Leia Organa. His name is Bodo Mobodu’wan. -In an effort possibly to divert attention from his own force-sensitive child, Bail Organa convinces Bodo’s parents to allow Ylenic It’kla, a Caamasi Jedi Knight of the Old Republic living on Alderaan, to train the young boy in secret.

- Even though Ylenic is worried about it getting out, Bail convinces him to train the boy in the ways of the force.

11 BBY

-Ylenic It’kla presents Bodo with his first lightsaber. He says it used to belong to Nejaa Halcyon, codename: Spicewood.

10 BBY

- Bodo Mobodu’wan and Romi Swood meet at a young person’s public service ball.


- On a visit to her friend Bail Organa, An’ya Kuro (also known as the Dark Woman), visits with Ylenic It’kla and his padawan Bodo. She sees ‘much conflict’ in his future. She warns Ylenic of the vision and recommends to start slowing his training. She also gives him 1/2 of a force crystal as a birthday gift. She says only that it will help protect him from ‘prying eyes’ and that it will improve his training. She also states that one day he’ll find the other half.


- While on a diplomatic trip with his father, Bodo convinces his au pair to let him visit his girlfriend aboard the Victory Class Star Destroyer Intimidator who is visiting her father. While there, he meets Maris Brood who senses he is strong in the force and follows him back to Alderaan.


- Bodo and his girlfriend Romi Swood are seperated as she is to attend the military academy at the behest of her father Admiral Boros Swood.


- On a goodwill tour through the core worlds, Emperor Palpatine meets and is impressed with the royal youth Bodo Mobodu’wan. He tells Bodo that he should be much further in his training given his skills and recommends he train with someone more advanced. He tells Bodo of a special training facility on Coruscant where the boy’s true abilities can be harnessed.


- The Emperor secretly sends Maris Brood, disguised as the Dark Woman, to Alderaan to recruit the boy. As a relative of Leia Organa and force sensitive, he hopes to use the boy to locate the hidden rebel base.

- Bodo begs his mother and father to be allowed to train on Coruscant with a former Jedi called the Dark Woman, who is actually Maris Brood. The Duke Anzac Mobodu’wan and his wife Tia go against the recommendations of Bail Organa and relent after the Dark Woman teaches Bodo the rare ability Force Cloak.


- A Slave of Jabba the Hutt, Rue Jax Kang enters and wins the Mos Bantu Grand Prix on Tattooine. In doing so he also wins his freedom. At her urging, he leaves behind his mother, also a slave of Jabbas’.

- Rue-Jax joins a rebellion cell based on Tattooine. It’s members include: Edson Gibb; an elderly twi’lek droid salesman, Tussk; a trandoshan bounty hunter, Marcuss Stagg; a former Imperial that defected with General Madine, Fatalith; a cerean Physican and secret force adept, and Jolok Tu’dah; A twi’lek businessman who lost a fortune when he bet on Nym, a feeorin pirate, to win the Mos Bantu Grand Prix

- Despite the fact that Rue-Jax cost him a fortune, Jolok quickly strikes up a friendship with the young pilot. With Ru-Jax’s help, Jolok courts a twi’lek girl by the name of Oni, while also running missions for the rebellion.

- Jolok secures a loan from Jabba the Hutt and purchases a failing casino. With the help of the others he renovates the casino and turns it into a profitable venture. While the Casino appears normal on the outside, it secretly houses a rebel facility. During this time, the small rebel cell is occasionally aided by Nym and a young farmboy named Biggs Darklighter.

- After paying Jabba back, Jolok Tu’dah sells the casino to crimelord Krunaal D’Mar in exchange for The Prize, Krunaals ship. The ship is notorious for being “Tractor Beam Proof.”

- After an “Anonymous” tip reveals the Casino as a rebel hidout, Krunaal vows revenge against Jolok.

- As the companions make their way to the Mos Bantu space port they are caught between Krunaals men and a small division of Imperial storm troopers. In the firefight that follows, Tussk is mortally wounded and Jolok is apparently shot in the head and killed. While the others drag Oni aboard the ship, Rue-Jax begins powering up the Prize. Previously realizing the young pilot is force sensative, Fatalith uses his own force training to reach out to Rue-Jax and help guide him through the Imperial blockade. Defying the odds, The Prize lives up to its name and avoids the Imperial tractor beams and makes the jump to light speed.

-Bodo Mobodu’wan leaves Alderaan for Coruscant to begin training. There he befriends De’Sha Ducatiss and Dell Dashgrifter


- Rue-Jax and Oni temporarily seperate from the others, taking the Prize to Ryloth to inform Jolok’s family of his death.

- While on Ryloth Rue-Jax rescues Dalracca, a wookie slave from a group of Twi’lek slavers. Dalracca joins Rue-jax and Oni aboard the Prize and proves himself to be an able pilot and mechanic.

- Rue-Jax Oni and Dalracca rejoin their companions at a secret rebel base on Yavin. Here they are joined by Fruusk; Tussk’s brother, seeking revenge for his siblings death.

- General Madine charges the rebel cell with a propaganda mission that involves an attack on Coruscant itself.

- Wit the help of Mon Mothma the team sneaks aboard a civilian cruise ship hovering in orbit of Coruscant, they then make thier way to the ships massive cargo hold. Here they board several B-wings and Y-wings that have been stowed secretly by rebel sympathizers. Slicing into the ships computer system they open the cargo hold.

- The Ships drop into orbit and begin a bombing run for an Imperial refinery. Along the way they drop pamphlets into the streets denouncing Palpatines rule.

- As they near the refinery they are attacked by several TIE fighters and take fire from gun batteries on the ground. The team still manages to complete the mission without any losses when Marcuss Stagg drops the bomb that destroys the factory, thereby fulfilling Madines wishes of “Formerly informing the Emperor of his resignation.”

-Although they escape, the team is later identified as being on board the Cruise Liner. Now wanted criminals, the team goes into hiding.

- Along with Dalracca, Rue-Jax and Oni once again go their own way. After a series of Adventures together Oni and Rue-jax realize their love for one another. It is during this time that Rue-Jax has his first of several encounters with the trandoshan bounty hunter, Bossk. The young pilot barely escapes with his life.


- Rue-Jax, Oni and Dalracca rejoin their friends on Yavin 4.

- Bodo Mobodu’wan begins his training under Counselor Xibak on Coruscant.

- The Imperial Senate is disbanded, giving Palpatine absolute power.

- A squad of stormtroopers kill Owen and Beru Lars, Luke Skywalker’s Uncle and Aunt, leaving him without any family that he knows of. He joins Obi-Wan Kenobi Han Solo and the wookie Chewbacca at Mos Eisley. They depart on a mission to rescue Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan.

- The Death Star destroys Alderaan and Obi-Wan Kenobi is killed by Darth Vader, but his spirit lives on.

- Xibak, at the behest of the Emperor, sends Bodo to find and meet up with the Rebellion.

- The Battle of Yavin. Luke Skywalker, with the assistance of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s spirit and Han Solo, destroys the Death Star before it can destroy the Rebel base on Yavin 4. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo join the Rebel Alliance. Grand Moff Tarkin dies in the destruction of the Death Star. Marcuss Stagg and Rue-Jax Kang also participate in the attack, flying X-wings.


- The Super Star Destroyer Executor is launched under the command of Captain Kendal Ozzel. It is dispatched to destroy the Rebel base on Yavin. However, a miscalculation from Admiral Griff allows the Rebels to escape.

- Rue-Jax is offered a spot in the now famous Rogue Squadron, flying alongside Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles.

- As a favor to Wedge, Rue-Jax joins the Rogue Squadron leaders nephew on a rescue mission. Rebel communications officers had picked up a distress beacon in the outer rim and had ordered the younger Antilles to escort the rescue ship. Upon their arrival they discovered the remains of an old Trade Federation vessel. With their sensors picking up no signs of life, The rescue ship boards the apparantly abandoned ship.

- While flying outside of the Trade Ship, Rue-Jax recieves the first of many visions involving a young girl. In the vision the child warns him that the rescue party are in grave danger. As the fog of the vision fades, the rescue team comms come alive with screams.

- Ignoring an order from Rue-Jax, Wedge’s nephew boards the ship. With no other choice Rue-Jax follows the brash pilot.

- Aboard the ship they are shocked to discover the rescue team dead at the hands of the ships defenses. Also aboard the ship are the mummified corpses of the ships crew. The duo fight their way through a gauntlet of outdated battledroids to the ships control room. Once there Antilles is able to slice into the ships control system and take back control of the ship.

- Gathering their dead, The X-wing pilots leave the ship alone in space. When they return they inform their command about the Vessel, but with resources spread thin the rebellion can do little to further investigate the ship.


- Imperial forces seize Bakura.

- On a mission for the Rebellion, Rue-Jax, Oni and Dalracca arrive at Dantooine to meet a rebellion spy. They are shocked to learn the agent is actually Jolok Tu’dah. The Twi’lek, thought dead by his companions had miraculously survived the attack on Tattooine. Since that time he had somehow managed to wrangle Krunaal D’mars criminal empire away from the pirate. In power struggle D’mar met his demise. Since that time Jolok has on the surface cooperated with the Empire, but has secretly been spying for the Rebellion.

- After a tension filled reunion, the three settle thier differences, when Jolok apologizes for not telling them he was alive. Furthermore, he informs Oni of his approval of her and Rue-Jax’s relationship.

- The Velocity Raptor becomes the property of Dell after it’s owner, Reje-bar Dohinks is killed by Mena St.Clair.

- During a meeting with an Imperial Officer, Jolok’s cover is blown when Jerek; one of his subordinates, betray him. – Bodo, Dell, and De’Sha first meet Jolok and Rue-Jax during the battle that ensues. With the younger heroes help the duo are able to escape.

- Unable to get to the Prize, Rue-Jax radios for Dalracca to leave with Oni, while he and Jolok escape aboard the Ardent Immortal, Jolok’s new ship. Meanwhile Bodo and his allies make their way to the Velocity Raptor.

- Enroute to the Ardent Immortal, the heroes are assaulted by Bossk, who has tracked Rue-Jax to Dantooine. The duo narrowly evade the trandoshans attack and make their aboard The Ardent Immortal.

- Unfortunately, Jerek sabotages the Ardent Immortal and the Velocity Raptor allowing them to escape Bossk only to be captured by the Victory class Star Destroyer Razor.

-While his friends are taken prisoner, Rue-Jax is once again visited by the specter of the little girl. This time teh child aids him as he navigates through the Razors, avoiding the guards while working to free his friends.

- Meanwhile, Jolok Dell and Desh’a are tortured while Bodo is reunited with Romi Swood, now an esign aboard the Razor.

- Bodo is interrogated by Grand Inquisitor Tobias, before being rescued by the Dark Woman, secretly Mariss Brood. Along with the aid of Romi , Bodo and the Dark Woman manage to free Dell and Desh’a and escape the Razor. Refusing to go with her former pupil, The Dark Woman gives Bodo a key with a silver ribbon attached and informs him that it holds his true destiny.

- After many rounds of torture, Jolok reveals he has discovered an ancient civilization known as the Jinn’ha. Before he reveals more, Rue-Jax bursts in and kills his tormentors.

- The duo fight their way to the Ardent Immortal and thanks to Romi Swoods security overides are able to fly off the Razor. Unfortunately, Bossk is waiting and ambushes them once more. This time aboard his ship, The Houndstooth.

- During the dogfight, the Ardent Immortal is shot down. After crashing on a Dantooine mountainside, Jolok is knocked uncongcious and Rue-Jax is forced to sever both his legs to free himself from the wreckage.

- Having witnessed the battle from a safe distance, Dell pilots the Velocity Raptor into the mountains so that Bodo and Desh’a can recover the two wounded rebels.


- While Rue-Jax recovers from his injuries, Jolok recruits Bodo and his friends, along with Fa’talith, Stagg and Frussk to help him investigate the Jinn’ha. Their investigation leads them to Modu Codru. Once they arrive on the planet they are shocked to discover the planet is not only inhabited by the inigmatic Jinn’Ha, but also is a secret home to a community of Sith.

- The team discovers that the two species have been engulfed in a civil war for decades. The problem is excaccerbated by the arrival of Tobias and the Razor. Eager to plunder whatever secrets the planet may hold, Tobias floods the planet with stormtroopers.

-In a bid to unite the two species, Bodo marries the Sith Queen, Kirian Chentri. As newly installed ruler of the Sith empire, Bodo presses the Jinn’ha for a truce. United, the two species manage to fight off the Imperial threat. It is during this battle that Fa’talith has his first encounter with Tobias. After a magnificient show of Force powers the encounter ends in a stalemate when Tobias is ordered to leave the planet.

- To maintain the fragile alliance Bodo reaffirms his vows Queen Chentri. Heartbroken, De’Sha departs for parts unknown.

- An Imperial force led by Darth Vader catches up to some of the Rebels on Ord Mantell. It is here that Emperor Palpatine learns the name of the Rebel who destroyed the Death Star, Luke Skywalker, but withholds this information from Darth Vader until the time is right. While on Ord Mantell, Skorr, a bounty hunter working for Jabba the Hutt, nearly captures Han Solo.

- Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa discover the Kaiburr crystal (as well as Luke’s first confrontation with Vader) on Mimban.

- Echo Base is built by the Rebels on the planet Hoth.

- After recuperating from his injuries, Rue-Jax is once again visited by the apparition of the little girl. This time, Rue-Jax is shocked to discover she is actually his mother. Her identity revealed, Zarda Kang informs her son that she was once a Jedi Knight. When Darthy Vader began the Jedi purge, she went into hiding. A short time later, the ship that she was on was ambushed by pirates. Unable to rely on her Jedi training for fear that she would reveal herself, Zarda was taken prisoner and eventually sold as a slave to Jabba the Hutt. It was at his palace that she met and fell in love with Rue-Jax’s father, a swoop mechanic. Not long after his birth, Rue-Jax’s father was killed in an explosion. She had escaped from Jabbas palace soon after Rue-Jax had left Tattooine and had been living in seclusion in the desert. It was during this time that she was able to reach out through the Force and aid her son, taking the form of a little girl because she feared her son was not ready to hear the truth. She only now revealed herself because she felt that he was in fact ready to begin Jedi training.

- Leaving Oni with Dalracca and Jolok, Rue-Jax travels to Tattooine to begin his training.

- Before he leaves, Rue-Jax tells Jolok the story of the abandoned Trade ship. Soon after, Jolok begins the process of rebuilding his criminal empire. After spending a fortune to rebuild it, Jolok names the trade ship The Purgatory and soon has it transported to the center of the asteroid field that was once Alderaan. From here Jolok strikes out at his various enemies, chief among them is his former second in command, Jerek.


- Zarda Kang is killed in an ambush by a group of Tusken Raiders. After defeating the remaining sand people Rue-Jax rushes to his mothers aid. As life leaves her body, she begs her son to forego his training., believing he is not ready to continue on without a mentor. Rue-Jax buries his mother and departs Tattooine.

- Shortly after thier reunion, Rue-Jax marries Oni. Bodo does not attend the wedding but sends a mysterious set of red armor as a gift.

-Rue-Jax and Oni “retire” on Tattooine and open a speeder bike shop.

-Terran Ogonix Ducatiss Mobodu’wan is born to De’Sha Ducatiss on Dantooine.

- Han Solo and Leia return to Ord Mantell and face another bounty hunter, Cypher (he too tries to capture Solo).

- The Battle of Hoth and the Subjugation of Bespin

- The Battle of Hoth. The Empire discovers the Alliance’s secret base on Hoth and launches a successful attack on the Rebel base, with many Rebel casualties.

- Admiral Ozzel is killed by Darth Vader for incompetence.

- Piett assumes command of Vader’s fleet.

- Luke Skywalker discovers Yoda on Dagobah, and trains under him. When he receives disturbing visions of the future he halts his training but promises to return.

- Emperor Palpatine contacts Darth Vader aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor and reveals Luke Skywalker’s parentage to Vader. Vader suddenly announces a plan to capture and convert Luke rather than kill him as originally suggested. Now taken off-guard himself, Palpatine reluctantly agrees.

- Boba Fett captures Han Solo to take him to Jabba Desilijic Tiure after Solo is frozen in carbonite on Cloud City. Lando Calrissian joins the Rebel Alliance.

- Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he is his father, but Luke is uncertain whether it is true or not.

- With the help of Sith technology, Bodo helps Oni and Rue-Jax have a mixed breed child…Jolo Kang. The child is truly of both species. While he lacks the traditional lekku that it the twi’leks most distinctive feature, he does have his mothers blue, hairless skin, while his eyes, mouth and ears are human in appearance.

- Prince Xizor is killed by Darth Vader and Black Sun collapses.

- After months of bloody battle, Jolok finally succeeds in overthrowing Jerek and reclaiming his empire.

- Queen Chentri is assassinated by rebel Sith forces.

- Bodo Mobodu’wan becomes a secret apprentice to the Emperor, taking the Title: Darth Tempest.

- Bodo summons his friends to Mondu Codru to ask for help finding his son. He sends a Sith bodyguard, Malaken, with them.

- Darth Tempest orders the destruction of the planet Mondu Codru to convince his companions he is being attacked by the Empire.

- Darth Tempest “convinces” Popara the Hutt to distribute a new, more addictive spice to Dantooine. He names it “Tempest” in his honor.

- Dantooine is put under quarantine after the Tempest spice causes mass addiction and disease outbreaks.

- Bounties are placed on Ogo Mobodu’wan, De’Sha, and Jolo Kang by the Emperor.

- Rue-Jax Kang, Edson Gibb, Fa’ta’lith, Jaxx (a former Imperial Senator) and Dalracca slip past the planet Dantooine’s blockade to infiltrate the underground and rescue De’Sha and Ogo.

- Tempest sends Malakan to Tattooine. Once there he murders Oni and kidnaps Jolo, leaving behind evidence to implicate Bossk.

- Upon his child and former loves return, Bodo warns Rue-Jax of the bounty placed on his sons head. Rue-Jax rushes to Tattooine where they discover Onis corpse. Enraged, Rue-Jax dons the ceremonial armor that Bodo had sent him and sets off a thermal detonator, destroying his home.

- Bodo asks Dell and Dalracca to take Desh’a and Ogo to Naboo where they will be safe.

- While Rue-Jax rushes to Tattooine, Bodo sends the others on another mission, This time to Nar Shardaa. While there they are to steal a the Enigma device, a prototype ION bomb developed by the Hutts.

- As insurance, Tempest hires Boba Fett to assist in procurring the Enigma device.

- As Tempest, Bodo hires Aurra Sing to capture Ogo and eliminate Desh’a, giving her thier location on Naboo.

- The team infiltrates a party on Nal Shardaa thrown by Mika the Hutt. They kill Zonna the Hutt and discover the origin of the spice “Tempest”. Although they fail in recovering the Enigma device, Boba Fett is succesful. As they prepare to leave it is delivered to Malakin as Tempest has requested.

- Malaken delivers the Enigma device to Tempest. Together, he and Romi formulate a plan to eliminate the Executor Star Destroyer. (Tempest hated the ship because it was given as a gift to Vader.)


- After their successful mission on Nar Shardaa, Jolok summons the group to the purgatory. Upon their arrival they are surrounded by Imperial Stormtroopers and taken prisoner. They learn that Jolok, now addicted to tempest, has traded agreed to turn his allies over to Tobias and in exchange The Empire would leave the Purgatory alone.

- Frussk, Marcuss, and Jaxx manage to avoid capture and return toModu Codru while Fa’talith and Edson Gibb are taken into custody. Tobias also forces Jolok to acompany him back to the Razor.

- Han Solo is rescued from Jabba the Hutt and Jabba is killed by Leia Organa. Boba Fett is imprisoned in the sarlaac, but survives.

- Yoda dies and Luke Skywalker discovers that he is truly the son of Darth Vader and that Leia Organa is his sister. He passes this information on to her.

- Using Malaken as his agent, Tempest entices Bossk to join him aboard the Death Star with the offer of a Large bounty.

- Aurra Sing kills De’Sha and captures Ogo. Dell witnesses this but is too late to stop Sing from making her escape. Along with Dalracca, he chases Sing to a hidden Sith Temple on Modu Codru. Here, they discover Bodos treachery, when she hands the baby over to him.

- The Razor joins the rest of the Imperial fleet gather at Endor. At Tempest’s request, the prisoners are brought aboard the New Death Star.

- Bodo contacts Rue-Jax, claiming Bossk has delivered Jolo to the Imperials aboard the New Death Star. He offers to help Rue-Jax sneak aboard and locate his son.

- The Battle of Endor begins, Luke Skywalker surrenders to Darth Vader and the Rebel Alliance successfully destroys the shield generator with the help of the Ewoks.

- While Rue-Jax and Bodo make their way aboard the Death Star, Edson Gibb and Fa’ta’lith escape from custody. The pair decide to split up with Fa’talith seeking to confront Tobias one final time, while Edson seeks to cause as much damage to the vessel from within as possible.

- Frussk, Jax, Marcus, and Romi infiltrate the Executor while in orbit above the new Death Star. During a firefight, Jaxx is mortally wounded. He agrees to stay behind and detonate the Enigma device while the others escape.

- Malaken delivers Jolo to a confused Bossk and leaves moments before Rue-Jax and Bodo enter. Goaded on by Bodo, a furious Rue-Jax slays Bossk. Unbeknownst to Bodo, all this is seen by Edson Gibb, who has sliced into the ships secruity system. Gibb downloads the video of the entire exchange onto an astromech droid.

- While Romi and Marcuss manage to make their way to escape pods, Frussk is killed in another firefight. As he takes his dying breath, Jaxx detonates the Enigma device. The EMP destroys the Ships shields and communications systems. THis allows a valiant x-wing pilot to fly into the ships bridge. The Executor crashes into the Death Star.

- Bodo convinces Rue-Jax to let Malaken get Jolo off the Death Star, claiming that they still have work to do before they can leave.

- Feeling remorse for his betrayel Jolok attempts to stop Malaken. While the Twi’lek is outmatched by the Sith Assassin, he manages to distract him long enough for Edson Gibb to spirit the child away.

- Luke duels with Vader. Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker is redeemed to the light side of the Force by the efforts of Luke Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker destroys Palpatine, saving his son’s life, and dies on the light side. The prophecy of the Chosen One is fulfilled.

- From a balcony above the throne room, Bodo and Rue-Jax watch as the emporer and Vader are killed. Bodo uses this moment to fully turn Rue-Jax to the dark side. Bodo names his new apprentice Darth Wrath.

- Fa’ta’lith kills Grand Inquisitor Tobias before escaping.

- Edson manages to launch an escape pod containing Jolo and the astromech, before Tempest kills him. Tempest allows Jolok to live, but warns him against any further attempts to thwart his schemes.

- Jolo Kang is rescued by the Mon Calamari cruiser “Undertow”

- Lando Calrissian, Wedge Antilles and Nien Nunb destroy the second Death Star, bringing about the defining turning point in the Galactic Civil War. No longer under the sway of its dark Sith rulers, the Empire begins to tear itself apart through warlordism.

- A celebration across the galaxy begins at the fall of the Empire and the death of Palpatine. Still on Endor, Luke catches a glimpse of the ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and his father, Anakin Skywalker off away from the Ewok party.

- Distraught and strung out on Tempest, Jolok returns to the Purgatory.

- Dell and Dalracca rescue Ogo from a ceremony designed to transfer the child’s life force into the Emperor to revive him. Mika the Hutt is sacrificed.

- Ogo starts being called by his “non-Sith” name Terran. (His full name is Terran Ogonix Ducatiss Mobodu’wan.

- A small Rebel task force responds to a distress call at Bakura. Converting into the Alliance of Free Planets, the Imperial and Alliance forces sign the Truce at Bakura, a ceasefire to work together to repel the invading Ssi-Ruuk.


- Luke Skywalker goes into hiding after anti-Jedi sentiment in the galaxy rises.

- Terran is raised for a time by Dell Dashgrifter and Dalracca the wookiee on Tattooine. While there, he learns how to speak wookiee, huttese, and rodian.

- Fa’talith visits Dell and Dalracca specifically to get Terran in order to begin his training.

- Fa’talith picks up Jolo Kang on Mon Calamari in order to begin his training.

- Fa’talith heads to Kal’Shebbol to train Terran and Jolo under the protection of the Twi’lek council of former slaves.

- En route to Kal’Shebbol, Fa’talith’s freighter is attacked by pirates. In the battle that ensues, Fa’talith’s ship crashes on the planet Felucia where, upon his regaining conciousness, both children are missing. Terran is found later being attended to by one of the locals. Fa’talith decides to continue his training there because of the large Force infused flora and fauna on the planet. Fa’talith hires the bounty hunter Zuckuss to track down Jolo.

- Dell and Dalracca are killed by Darth Wrath in his search for Jolo Kang.


- An unnamed person pays a bounty of 2 million credits for the whereabouts of the Kang child infuriating the bounty hunter’s guild as it was accepted by a non-sanctioned hunter.

13 ABY

- Terran goes on his walkabout to discover himself at the behest of Fa’talith. On it, he tames a rancor using only the force and enters a force nexus where he sees his mother who gives him a jedi holocron. When he exits the tree, the holocron turns dark but each time he enters the nexus he can communicate with the spirit of his mother. After his yearlong walkabout, Terran returns to his village to discover Fa’talith has left. One word is scrawled on the floor of his hut… Epicantxh

15 ABY

- The Galactic Senate is reformed with Bodo Mobodu’wan elected it’s first Chancellor running as the closest blood heir to the hero of the Rebellion Bail Organa.

- The policy of the former Empire of Xenophobia is terminated.

- The Core Worlds rejoin the Galactic Alliance and push for a vote in the Senate to recreate the position of Emperor.

- Bodo Mobodu’wan is elected the first Emperor of the New Galactic Alliance of Free Planets. Supporters of the position refer to it as a figurehead position, and that “Although the position has no REAL power, it is necessary for the public to have a charismatic individual to rally behind.”

The Cast:

Bodo Mobodu’wan – Chris

Rue-Jax Kang – Scott J.

Jol’ok Tu’dah – Josh

Edson Gibb – Keith

Marcuss Stagg – Ben

Fa’talith – Miles

Jaxx – Scott C.

Malaken – Danny

Tussk/ Frussk – Ralph

Lash Wyrick

King of one World and Prince of Another! Bodo For Emperor!

“He is the rightful heir to the Alderaanian throne that was snuffed out by the evil Darth Vader! He is King of the destroyed planet Mondu Codru! Now let him be YOUR EMPEROR! Both planets full of his subjects have been destroyed, so he has NO corporate interest to answer to! He only cares about YOU!


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