Chronicles of Bodo: Tempest's Hand

First Stop...Brentaal IV

It sat at the strategic intersection of the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way. Brentaal was a small, dry planet whose eight continents were separated by small, salty oceans, and that had a diameter of 6,985 miles (11,242 kilometers). Most available land on the wealthy world was covered with starports, industrial facilities, and thriving trade markets. Most of its 65 billion citizens were crowded into the valleys and deltas on the planet, as the rest of the planet consisted of high, rugged mountain chains, dormant volcanoes, and plateaus. This resulted in major overpopulation. The planet also once endured high levels of pollution, though this was largely alleviated in later years. The original settlers of the planet had little care for the native species of the planet, and most species died off and were replaced by non-native species. The hardiest native species were kundrils, enormous flying insects living in the mountains and along the shore.

Life on Brentaal revolved around commerce, and the planet was efficiently run by the Brentaal Houses—noble families who controlled various guilds and aspects of commerce and trade. Sports also played a part in Brentaal culture, and it featured a distinct cuisine. Representatives from the Houses met daily in the capital city’s Trade Hall to plan economic policy. Most of Brentaal’s citizens were involved in some manner with the trade and shipping business, and many megacorporations were based on the planet. Brentaal was the headquarters of Travis Motors.

Architecture on Brentaal is functional and stark though organic looking styled buildings were favored.

Holonet News reporting.

Holonet Galactic News HGN

Headline News:

Ancient Self-Sustaining Droid Colony Found

On the planet Taris, an ancient self-sustaining Droid colony was discovered last month. Samples of the colony itself suggest that it dates back to before the Jedi Civil War when the planet-wide city was destroyed by orbital bombardment. It appears that the colony was built by a now-defunct experimental science corporation.

Upon entrance the colony AI welcomed the team with a cheerful feminine voice and offered up the scientific research it had been working on for the last few centuries including what it called a ‘neat gun’. It appears the colony was built to house refugees from the ecological nightmare Taris was becoming but it was lost during the Tarisian Civil War.

The discovery took a darker turn when the bodies of humans dating back to the Jedi Civil War were discovered inside the facility. Ancient datapads recovered with the bodies indicate that there was a multi-generational search to find the city by a group of outcasts fleeing the stench and rakghouls of the Undercity to which criminals were consigned. Another datapad kept by a man named Gendar (presumably the leader) reports that a mysterious man with a sword, a military man with two blaster pistols, and a young Twi’lek found the clues to find the City.

The Life Sciences consultant on the expedition insists that the disease and rakghouls themselves are a myth from a more primitive time, “The accounts refer to being bitten and then a period of convulsions lasting no more than a few seconds, followed by a flash of light and then a human is converted immediately into a rakghoul. There is no biological process that can account for such a rapid transformation. The story is a myth, pure and simple.”

The bodies of these refugees were believed to have been murdered by traps constructed by the AI itself. One body (identified by contents on the body as Igear) was found, presumably eviscerated. In his own blood on the wall he wrote, “She promised there would be cake!!!! Delicious and Moist Cake!!!! Where is the CAKE???”

The team is continuing it’s investigation and the AI has promised to allow them to stay as “It is obvious that there is much more science to do for the people who are still alive.”


Emperor Mobodu’wan’s Moff Decree is Ratified by the Imperial Senate

With a three-fourth’s majority the Emperor’s reorganization of Sector Control has passed. The Emperor will now appoint Moffs to oversee all operations within each Sector of the Republic. The Moff will have military control over the Sector Fleet and will report to the Emperor’s staff. The Moff will also have the power to disband and remove seditious government’s within his sector in order to ensure peace.

The Emperor’s move ensures that while Moffs may not be democratically elected the citizens of the Empire will still have senatorial representation to deal with their grievances.

Leia Organa, the Senator from New Alderaan, led the Coalition opposing ratification. They feel the move consolidates far too much military and political power into the hands of a few appointed beings. She stated that Emperor Palpatine tried the Moff approach and it cost her her planet. They also stated that the Moffs should be accountable to the Senate as well as the Emperor.

The Emperor’s spokesperson responds: “The Emperor has proven himself trustworthy to the people of the Republic and this power will not be abused. We feel this new organization will prevent catastrophes such as the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo where the Senate is not able to move as quickly as a single individual.”

Cult of Dooku on the Rise

Fanatical followers of the Separatist leader Count Dooku insist that he is not dead and that he will reveal himself when his political ideas take seed again. The Cult has made Dooku into a hero of epic proportions, a Sith Lord with the interests of the galaxy as a whole in his heart.

We spoke with Del Montaron, a cult expert: “These ideas are ridiculous. The Empire has provided proof that Dooku was a Jedi who conspired with the Order to create a war and give the Jedi unprecedented military power. These religious nuts are always seeking out some figure they can idolize who is of course conveniently absent for scrutiny.”

Imperial Intelligence now believes the cult responsible for several terrorist acts including the theft of half a million credits on Bespin last year, the murder of an Imperial Officer, and an attack on an unarmed passenger liner that was narrowly repulsed by a squadron of elite pilots from the Star Destroyer Assiduous. Anyone with information on this group’s activities should contact their local Imperial representative immediately.


The Concert of the Winds will take place this month on Vortex. Based around an intricate musical structure/instrument called the Cathedral of the Wind, the Cathedral is opened once a year at the changing of the seasons to allow the winds to blow through it. This creates an amazing sequence of musical sounds that is has so far been impossible to reproduce with any other instument.

The native Vors have insisted that the concert will not take place this year unless the Emperor curbs his excesses but this is believed to be a publicity stunt and thousands have already booked tickets to Vortex. For more information on attendance…......


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News Flash!

HGN ## Holonet Galactic News ## HGN Conflict over Amendments to Military Creation Act

Bodo Mobodu’wan, recently confirmed Emperor by the Imperial Senate seeks Senate approval for an increase in funding for the Imperial military. Citing recent acts of terrorism and the growing strength of secessionist movements throughout the Empire, the Emperor stated that the current size of the military is insufficient to secure peace: “Though the Emperor’s seat has been filled, the galaxy is still in a state of flux. Surviving elements of the old Rebellion unwilling to compromise with the New League of Planets formed by Emperor Mobodu’wan continue to plague the galaxy and the chaos of war has spawned an array of threats. Piracy is on the increase and is taxing our fleet resources and civil disorder in the occupied zones is straining the ability of the Imperial Army to maintain order. We also must deal with the problem of the missing Jedi Luke Skywalker, son of the convicted mass murderer Darth Vader. We can assume that the he will not stop his attempts to murder our beloved Emperor and seize control of the lawfully constituted government. The Admiralty and our Generals have asked for increased funding and more recruits to maintain economic and political stability.” It is suspected these amendments will pass with a healthy majority although there is an organized opposition party. One of the most outspoken is Senator Leia Organa of New Alderaan who stated: “The Imperial military is already 50% larger than it was at the height of the Clone War. I ask you gentlebeings to consider that the money being put into the military build-up would better serve the citizens of the galaxy if put into repairing the damage to our worlds from the recent war.” The self described “Princess” has also enraged many Senators by calling for the repeal of the punitive measures the Emperor imposed on Separatist planets and urging the Senate to meet with representatives of dissenting worlds to answer their grievances.

Annual Bespin Sabaac Tournament A Go

Despite weeks of scandal surrounding its leading officials, Cloud City has announced that they will be going ahead with their annual tournament. Details on application and travel arrangements will be coming in our next issue.

Advertisement: General Genrecker’s Giant Guns

Come to General Genrecker’s Giant Guns for all your firepower needs. General Genrecker’s is the largest, highest quality franchise in the Brentaal system, with locations in every significant settlement throughout the system. Not only are we the best dealer around, but we are also the only gun dealer licensed by the Empire to operate on Brentaal IV. Stop by today and receive a free round of ammo with your purchase.

The First Recruit

Drax sat in his cell, quietly shuffling the deck of cards before him. When he figured a way out of this mess he reminded himself that he owed Gresik for turning on him. The Bothan was quick to turn on his allies to save his own furry hide, that was for sure.

He had always been good at Sabaac. His father had taught him at a young age and he just seemed to run with it. While he could never predict how the cards would be dealt, he was very good at reading his opponents. It was almost as if he could peer into their minds and see what cards they were holding.

It was three years ago when his father ran afoul of some upstart crimelord and was killed by bounty hunters, that Drax found himself on his own. At thirteen years old and without anywhere to go, Drax began winning card games in the bowels of Cloud City. That’s where he first hooked up with Gresik. While not as skilled with the cards as Drax, the bothan had his own useful traits and was excellent at setting up marks.

Over the next few years the duo wracked up thousands of creds in winnings. Gresik would watch the tables for easy targets, Then Drax would swoop in and take all their money. Through all their misadventures they never managed to get too greedy… Until the 1st Annual Cloud City Sabbaac tournament.

Drax was initially resistent to the idea, but after much goading Gresik finally convinced his friend to enter the tournament. The first day had gone well, and Drax was progressing well through the brackets, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “I think you need to come with me, sir.” Drax turned to find Lobot, the current Majordomo of Cloud City standing over his shoulder. Next to him in cuffs, stood Gresik. The bothan shrugged apologetically. Apparently Gresik had been caught hacking into the Cloud City Computer database seeking info on Drax’s opponents. When faced with imprisonment, the bothan didn’t hesitate to turn on his “friend”.

Lost in his thought Drax barely heard the Door slide open. “Prisoner Number:6255 You have a visitor.” came a voice over the small voicebox beside the door. Drax glanced up from his cards to see a striking woman, not much older than himself. Silky dark hair lay on her shoulders. The Crimson armor of an elite stormtrooper marked her as an imperial of some importance.

“Hello, Drax. I am Commander Omega. We have been watching you for quiet some time.” The woman spoke coldly.

“So. What do you want?” Drax spoke up trying to sound unimpressed.

“The force is strong in you. It crackles off you like lightning.” A slight smile appeared as she spoke. ” Why do you think your so good at Sabaac?”

“The Force? So what? You want me to become a Jedi or something? Drax shrugged.

“Or something…” Omega let her voice trail off.

“So what’s in it for me?” Drax stood up at last.

“You will recieve training, purpose and most importantly: Power.” As Omega spoke her voice wavered slightly.

“Sounds like fun.” Drax pocketed the deck of cards and exited the room passing his new commander.” So when do I get a Lightsaber?”

Omega’s grin returned, ” Soon enough…”

His majesty....

The throng of supporters gathered around the newly constructed Alderaan Plaza on the capitol city on Coruscant numbered in the hundreds of thousands. The centerpiece of the architecturally beautiful plaza was a golden building half contructed that stretched toward the sky at the unbelievable record of 482 floors. A golden statue that was to top off the masterpiece currently stood on a marble slab in the courtyard of the building. It resembled a human woman holding a baby, with one hand bearing the chains of slavery, and the other reaching up to grasp the golden ring of matrimony alluding to the Alderaanian tradition of both groom and bride holding a golden ring between themselves during a marriage ceremony. Emperor Mobodu’wan hoped it would show that even a lowly slave girl, say from Coruscant, could marry a noble from say, Alderran. The statue also favored a woman from his past. Currently, the large crowd awaited the first words of their Emperor who was to dedicate this uncompleted building from the 186th floor on the balcony. Multiple large holo screens would help the people see their illustrious leader. Emperor Bodo had just been confirmed by the newly formed Galactic Senate and was anxious to show his love for his people. Just before he stepped out on the balcony to greet his supporters, Bodo turned to a royal guard member at his right dressed in the red outfit of the Emperor’s Royal Guard. “Omega…remind me to tell you of your next mission when I get done here.” “kzzzzzzzt…My liege. Darth Wrath has already given me the training mission for the recruits…” The Emperor interrupted her. “Oh, that reminds me. I need to borrow your team…and let’s not tell my student about it…shall we?” “kzzzzzt..Yes, my liege. Szzzzzzk”

A familiar....face?

“Imperials huh?” The Twilek crime lord fingered a 4 inch scar across his cheek. “What exactly did they want with that many turbolasers? And why don’t they go through normal channels?” The chrome protocol droid answered matter of factly with a slight Coruscanti-Imperial accent, “Sir, you know very well we never ask that kind of question from a source with that size cash flow. Apparently, the Hutts have already cornered the market on another large contract they’re offering, we might want to jump on this one.” The Twilek turned to face the droid. “No. I didn’t get to where I’m at by jumping into things. Turn down the turbolaser contract but tell them I’ll up his spice contract on schedule.” “Very well sir.” “Oh, and Switch…why did Mena St. Clair come to see you?” “She had some…frozen goods to drop off. Said she needed to lay low.” “Hmm….okay…carry on.”

Where do I stand?

Just for the players benefit, when I refer to a rank in the Imperial Navy, here is the ranking system I am using.

Navy: Grand Admiral

Fleet Admiral

Rear Admirals



LT commanders (Omega falls here)

Lieutenants (Crew Chiefs)

Junior LTs



Recruits (conscripts)

Enlisted personnel

Fleet Chief Petty Officer

Master Chief Petty Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer

Petty Officer I

Petty Officer II

Leading Crewman

Able Crewman

Crewman Apprentice

Junior Crewman



Imperial Interlude
A conversation

The small clawdite boy was the thirteenth attendant to his excellency Lord Wrath. Currently, he cowered beside the command chair. “Where is your brother Mako? I dislike having to sense him and his motives. Besides, he shouldn’t be roaming free on an Imperial Star Destroyer. It’s easy to wind up…missing.”

“My apologies Lord Wrath. He told me he was running errands for you. I cannot keep track of him for he is my elder…”

“Enough. I really don’t care that much. Just make sure he has my cloak by noon. I am meeting a fresh batch of recruits from the surface.”

“Are these the recruits that will be hunting Jedi, Lord Wrath?”

“Eventually, perhaps. They have a long way to go before they can match even the most inexperienced Jedi. They must first serve their Emperor in more…fruitful ways.”

“Are you referring to the traitors milord?”

“Yes Mako. Hunters they will become. But before Jedi, they must hunt their own.”

“But why send inexperienced soldiers after them Lord? Why not hire bounty hunters?”

“You use a bounty hunter to capture traitors…you use surprise to find them. Besides, Lord Tempest sees something in one of them. He likened them to a seed. He said he must nurture that seed to ensure that it becomes a flower and not a weed.”

“And what if it does Lord? What then?”

“We cut it down.”

A letter arrives...

Fourth cycle, Day 23 Coruscant time, Year 3 of the New Era

Attention citizen:

Congratulations are in order on behalf of His Illustriousness Lord Tempest. You have been selected from an elite group of soldiers to participate on a Strike team with a highly competitive and limited membership. You are one of 35 officers, enlisted, and specialists that will be reviewed, judged, and eliminated down to two teams of six. The remaining 12 members will receive a pay grade and a special commendation from the Emperor himself. Muster for the Imperial Shuttle to take you to your assignment will be at 0600 hours local time. You will need to bring every piece of ID you possess including your apartment ID. You will be arriving on board the Tempest Class Star Destroyer Chimaera for your final transfer to a top secret testing facility. You are, of course, to destroy this communication upon receipt and not to speak of your commission to any family or friends. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

In his name,

Commander Omega Special attache’ to the Emperor TCS Chimaera 1107-ACH

Something Wicked this Way Comes
Meet your Commander.

The Red lightsaber ignited with the familiar hum of death. She had just earned the legendary piece of equipment in the past year while working her way up the Imperial ladder in the COMPNOR service. Being a female, she tended to get passed over for promotion even though she outperformed every man in her unit. She had finally been selected for the elite Royal Guard training by catching the eye of Admiral Daala. There, she quickly adapted to a man’s game by killing every member of her unit while they slept. Her reasoning was, that if they were such great bodyguards, she wouldn’t have been able to kill them. That bit of reasoning is what caught the Emperor’s eye. He quickly moved her to Byss inside the Citadel Inquisitorius where she extended her training to Inquisitor/Jedi Hunter. After her training, she spent some time aboard different Capital ships where she plied her trade. Now she has been called once again. This time for her most important assignment yet. Commander of the ISB special unit “Tempest’s Hand”. A special forces unit, it would answer only to a handful of people. The member’s names would be wiped from the Imperial records. They would operate on the periphery of the law and seek out and destroy those that would oppose the New Order. She thought it best that she recruit unknowns. Plebes that could be molded to follow in her footsteps. She placed her ovoid helmet of the Royal Guard over her long locks. The crimson robes concealed her movements and her weapons. The list of possible candidates blinked on her holonet screen. They would be contacted and accompany her on a routine mission so she could evaluate them. She would be looking for loyalty, courage, chutzpah, and talent. Talent in fields that would best help her achieve her goals. A pilot. A tech. A medic. A soldier. A leader. Maybe force sensitive as well? Her holonet projector kicked to life as a robed figure appeared. She kneeled holding herself steady with her forcepike. “Do you have your team Inquisitor Omega?” “I have 12 of the finest selected for the prisoner escort duty my liege.” “Fine. Have they all passed every test?” “All but the last my lord. I plan on culling the weak. By combat.”


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