Chronicles of Bodo: Tempest's Hand

Everyone's missing?

Maya takes Ray and Drax on a miniquest to further their Jedi training. Meanwhile, Fa’talith gets healthy and reports that the now healthy TeeO, who had been thought missing, is actually okay but now has run off to Mondu Codru to seek information on his father. Fa’talith beseeches anyone who is able to follow him for he thinks it is a trap.

Cloud City Casino Sabacc Rules

Sabacc rules

Sabacc Anyone?

The game of sabacc has been played for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient days of the Old Republic. Sabacc tables can be found in the most expensive luxury casinos, or dangerous hole-in-the-wall establishments, and anywhere else.

Sabacc is played with a deck of 76 card-chips. Through the use of micro-circuitry in the cardchips, card values change randomly, triggered by electronic impulses sent out by the dealer.There are four suits in the deck: sabers, staves, flasks and coins. Each suit consists of eleven numbered cards (marked one to eleven) and four ranked cards: the Commander, the Mistress, the Master and the Ace (numbered 12 to 15).There are also sixteen face cards (two each of eight different cards), with special names, symbols and values. They are the Idiot (0), the Queen of Air and Darkness (-2), Endurance (-8), Balance (-11), Demise (-13), Moderation (-14), the Evil One (-15), and the Star (-17).

When a hand is dealt, the dealer pushes a button on the table which sends out a series of random electronic pulses, which shift the values of the cards. Card values can change at any time and this wild randomness has been credited with making sabacc so popular.

Through several rounds of bluffing and betting, players watch and wait for their card-chips to shift. They can lock any or all of their card-chip values by placing them in the table’s interference field (located at the center of the playing surface) — the card is “frozen” at that value.

Sabacc is played in both hands and games (a game can have many hands). The object of sabacc is to have the highest card total which is less than or equal to twenty-three. A total which is more than twenty-three, less than negative twenty-three, or equal to zero is a bomb out. Each player is dealt two card-chips to start and must always have at least two card-chips in his hand.

Sabacc has two different pots. The first pot, called the hand pot, is given to whoever wins a particular hand. The second pot is the sabacc pot, which can only be won one of two ways.

With sabacc hands, a player wins if everyone else folds or if he locks in the highest card total less than twenty-three. If two or more players tie, they participate in a sudden demise — each player is dealt one card-chip from the deck which must be added to their locked-in hand. The best hand after this deal takes the hand pot. If there is still a tie, the pot is split.

There are two ways to win the sabacc pot. The first, when a player has a total of exactly 23, is called a pure sabacc. The second is an idiot’s array, which means the player has an Idiot face card (0), and a two value card and a three value card — a literal twenty-three! At most tables, an idiot’s array beats a pure sabacc. The game is over when the sabacc pot has been won.

Some players have found a way to cheat at sabacc by using a rigged card-chip called a skifter. A skifter allows the player to change its value by tapping the corner of the card. The player waits until it produces the exact value he desires. Of course, being caught using a skifter is a good way to end up on the wrong end of a blaster …

Holonet Breaking News!

Holonet Galactic News HGN

Headline News:

Jawa Juice Determined to be Unsafe for Consumption

The Galactic Consumer Advocacy organization has determined that Jawa Juice has been found to reduce the cognitive abilities of sentient beings far in excess to what was originally thought. Studies show that they may in fact have a greater effect then death sticks and some forms of spice.

When asked why this problem wasn’t detected earlier, industry officials point out that no one knows exactly what Jawa Juice is except for the Jawa vendors themselves leading to unsettling rumors as to it’s origins.

When asked for examples of what kind of damage it can do one industry official stated on condition of anonymity:

“Suppose you had a young male protege sworn to celibacy. You know that he is mindlessly in love with a girl. Instead of having her sent away safely like you normally would ingestion of Jawa Juice might lead you to do something stupid like send them to a romantic setting alone together where they can talk about sand, stare into each others eyes, etc. It is my considered opinion that the stuff should be banned.”

Emperor Mobodu’wan and a beautiful blonde spotted yesterday.

Is there a possible new Empress in our future?

Emperor Bodo Mobodu’wan was spotted out on the town in the upper Palisades portion of Sector 246 Coruscant, Coruscant station with a fresh young blonde on his arm. The bachelor Emperor is known for his free living lifestyle and is the idol for millions of sentient species across the galaxy. Could this be the girl he’s been looking for? Millions wait with baited breath to see if she will attend the Intergalactic Annual Sabacc tournament held at the Royal Casino on Cloud City next week where the Emperor is slated to make an appearance. Security is tighter than normal for the tournament where thousands hope to catch a glimpse of the Emperor hanging out with some of his favorite Sabacc stars. This reporter has been told that the beautiful blonde is a Princess from a planet in the Core Worlds and hopes to bring happiness to our already wonderfully happy leader!

Tensions heat up on Zel Sonn Station

Last week, the station administrator acceded to MAHIG’s requests for a spot inspection of the reactor shafts to test the new railings and unleashed a firestorm of controversy.

In addition to more humanoid bodies, the inspectors found the remains of some kind of predatory cat. MAHIG promptly renamed itself MAHIGAPA. They searched the entire station and found the body of a Reek in an abandoned hanger and the body of an Acklay within an escape pod bay. Concerned that this is just the tip of the iceberg, the administrator has been flooded with demands that for the safety of the children a patrol force be created to hunt down any additional predatory animals and also demanding that the rails be tripled in height and made unclimbable.

The Administrator formed the BEAR (Balanced Equipped Animal Response) patrol and they have begun scouring the station for additional animals. There have also been reports of hucksters trying to sell animal protection devices including talismans that ward off predatory cats and food pellets that can be used to distract angry carnivorous platypuses.


Dramatic Trick gives Jace Deeron Victory in Loop of Kon Garat Race

Jace Deeron has won the Loop of Kon Garat, one of the most challenging space races in the galaxy. Jace successfully avoided the Space Slug gauntlet and the Spinning Ion Platforms of Death with his brilliant idea of spinning his craft.

When asked where he picked up such a trick Jace said, “When I was young I flew a starfighter in the defense of Naboo. Mostly a cakewalk job until the Trade Federation blockade. I flew into orbit to attack a Droid Control Ship. It didn’t go well as we couldn’t break their shields. As I was desperately trying to survive I heard a voice I didn’t recognize over the comlink. It said, ‘Let’s spin, that’s a good trick.’ Figuring I had nothing to lose, I did just that. We won the battle and I’ve been spinning ever since.”

Mitrinomon Issues a Recall of the Z-6 Jetpack

Safety Inspectors discovered a flaw in the Z-6 jetpack and the company has issued a recall due to a design flaw. It has been determined that there is a 3 cm by 2 cm area on the back that can cause a misfire of the jetpack if jolted suddenly.

Company spokesmen say, “The flaw is minor. It would require a blunt or pointed object to impact the area with a great deal of force and even then all it will do is cause a momentary firing of the pack followed by a short cool-down period. The risks are minimal. The affected area is also incredibly small. A blind man waving a stick around wildly has about as much chance to hit it as a trained combatant.

This is the second major jet pack safety warning issued in the last 5 years. Merr-Sonn was forced to put a warning label on the JT-12 pointing out that the jet pack may lose functionality if the wearer is trampled by a large animal.


Fruity Oaty Bars Make a man out of a mouse Fruity Oaty Bars Make you bust out of your blouse Eat them all the time They will blow your mind Blow your little mind… Celebrating 20 years of being free of homicidal rage-inducing subliminal advertising. 1 credit off a box of 20. To see our ad:

Zel Sonn Station recruiting Big Game Hunters to join the BEAR patrol. Experience putting down large animals a plus. Bonuses for each animal brought in. Free ammo!!!!!!

Opening Crawl for Episode VI


After returning to the Resurgence, Fa’talith is sent to the infirmary where he starts getting medical aid. After debriefings, Maya calls the group together into the conference room for an update.

“Thanks for coming everyone, and once again, I appreciate all of your efforts. They haven’t gone unnoticed either by myself or by the Princess. We have struck a mighty blow with your efforts on Cato Neimoidia. Jolok Tu’dah is on the run, and therefore unlikely to be effectively helping the Alliance, and another high ranking official, Lt. Commander Aiala Soruu, has defected to our side. She can provide valuable insight into the machinations of the Imperial machine. I thought I would let her explain to you the direness of the situation and our next step…Commander.”

Commander Soruu stepped forward, cleaned up and looking like a professional officer since the last time you had seen her. She was now dressed in the uniform of a New Alderaanian security force member and her mechanical arm had been replaced with a more modern, real looking, synthetic one.

“Thank you Maya. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for rescuing me. We have a lot of work to do. Besides our victory with this trip, we also had a loss. As you all probably have heard by now, TeeO (or Terran) has gone missing. Most likely he was captured either by Igren Demos or Jolok himself. Besides being disturbing because he is only a small child, news has broken across the galaxy that he is in fact the Emperor’s son. It is no secret within the Alliance either that Emperor Mobodu’wan has been looking for his son for 10 years now. This makes him a bargaining chip for Jolok. Most likely he will try to hold the child over the Emperor’s head until he gets the Alliance to assist him in getting us off of his back. What we have learned…Jolok is funneling large amounts of tiberium gas and slaves to the Alliance. As Admiral Swood has told you already, I also was deep within the Alliance and personally took care of the Emperor’s business dealings. The Emperor knows nothing about this. His second in command, General Wrath, head of the Alliance forces, is diverting materials and resources (including some of these slaves) into a secret project of his own. This is the Project Revelation we have discussed before. Furthering his own interest, Igren Demos has sent us the destination of his predecessor Jolok Tu’dah. He is headed to Bespin to close a major deal with the Alliance under cover of the sabacc tournament. He’s most likely selling the boy in exchange for goods or services. Demos has also leaked to us that an Alliance officer will be participating in the event who is in the pocket of Jolok. He thinks the tournament is serving as a cover for a clandestine meeting between the officer and an agent for Jolok. If we can infiltrate the tournament, you may be able to come face to face with these two individuals and perhaps one of them can lead us to either Jolok or to what this Project Revelation is all about. We can also use some old favors of mine to get some members of you on the security detail working that day. Whatever happens, we cannot let the child fall into the hands of Darth Wrath. The buy in for the tournament is 10,000 credits. Unfortunately, the Princess has most of her wealth tied up in funding the Rebellion movement but she has offered to fund one of you. The purse for the tournament is 1,000,000 credits. More importantly, the information we could gain from the Imperial traitor and Jolok’s lackey would be invaluable. It could bring us one step closer to finding out just what Project: Revelation entails. Are there any questions?


Episode VI


The search for the truth continues. Jolok Tu’Dah, fleeing his palace on Cato Neimoidia, has traveled to the planet Bespin to seek refuge. Traitors within the Galactic Alliance, working with Darth Wrath to usurp the throne, make their way to the planet of gas and air to meet up with the Crime Lord. Dark dealings are sure to take place under the cover of the annual Cloud City Sabacc tournament with millions of credits on the line both in and out of the game. Bespin, home to the famous resort and mining outpost known as Cloud City, remains free of Imperial rule for the time being, and the city teems with criminals and gamblers. Meanwhile, intrepid heroes working with the New Alderaanian Resistance travel to Bespin to find the crimelord and learn more about his dealings with Project: Revelation. . .

End of Chapter 2

When last we left our heroes: The party (Lash, Raymus, Dasha, Lou, TeeO, and Crash) gained entrance to the palace of Jolok where they met the crimelord and his majordomo, Igren, and met up with Drax. Warrick Raden was sentenced to death for his incompetence when Lash was more than happy to carry out the sentence by lopping off his head with a vibroaxe. The party convinced Jolok they could offer him something and got to hang around his throneroom when Aurra Sing showed up with a Twilek she claimed had escaped Jolok named Oni. Then Jolok called for entertainment and Lash, Dasha, and Raymus entered the arena to do combat with the Kang brothers, a droid and a rodian gladiator. All weapons were set to stun and, while it looked as if the group would succeed, they quickly fell once they lost the advantage. Drax lost money betting on it. Everyone retired to their rooms to lick their wounds when Drax and Ray heard a man’s voice calling for help. TeeO had disappeared by morning. The next morning in the throne room, representatives from the Iron Ring Slavers organization arrived complaining of low quality slaves. They had a woman in tow that looked just like Commander Omega but with a mechanical arm. Lash interceded to solve the dispute and Drax ‘bought’ Omega from the slavers. Entertainment was called for again where Lou piloted a droid in the droid races against Igren Demos, a Quarren, and a Gamorrean. Igren was given 2:1, Lou 2.5:1, the Quarren 3:1, and the Gamorrean 16:1. Everyone bet heavily on Lou. After 3 rounds, Lou tied for last place with Igren and the Gamorrean won it all. Meanwhile, Drax questioned Omega in his room where he found out that she was really Commander Omega (real name Aiala Soruu) and had been attacked and sold into slavery by Darth Wrath after discovering that he had secret plans in place to take over Emperor Bodo’s position. She instructed the group to carry on with normal activities but that they needed to gather evidence against Wrath and discover his secret operations. That night, the voice returned to the force sensitive guys and they followed it into the basement looking for it’s source. Meanwhile, Dasha, Lou, and Lash were attacked by assassins in their rooms. An explosion caused by Lash started the fight in the basement as well as in the guest rooms. The whole gang made their way deeper into the dungeons where they fought guards and discovered the Jedi Master Fa’talith being kept unconscious against his will. Lash also reported receiving a datacard from SixSix showing Demos talking to the other Commander Omega about coming down to the planet and receiving ‘the package’. The group rescued Aiala and Fa’talith and escaped to their ship when news that Jolok and escaped on his luxury yacht.

Jolok Tu'dah's palace

Hopping aboard your new swoop bikes, with a blaster stuck in Raden’s ribs, he leads you on a treacherous and winding journey through the city bridge, to one of the mountain hubs, and out onto another delapitated bridge city.

The trip takes close to an hour, and rarely goes very quickly. It’s a surreal swoop journey that seems to go inside and through ruined buildings and excavations as much as outside through the streets. Several times, he takes you down into the city sublevels, where you find yourself winding through labrynthine tunnels, stairwells, and riding down non-functional conveyer tubes. After a while of this, you realize that you aren’t sure, any longer, of which direction you are pointed. Clearly, Raden doesn’t like to travel in the open.

You finally ascend a long and wide concourse stairway up into a collapsed concourse, with daylight streaming in between the mountains of broken rubble and steel from several destroyed palace compounds, which have all flowed into the streets. There are many gaps in this area where it looks like turbolasers have blown chunks of the road out. He picks his path through towards a massive toppled Neimoidian statue, which hides the remains of a sturdy stone battlement, inset with a pair of massive blast doors 5 meters tall, and carved with elaborate runes.

Raden walks timidly forward up to a door, which has a small communications panel. He presses a button and sputters some phrases in Ryl


A long moment passes before two Nikto guards with hunting blaster rifles appear on the battlements above the doors, weapons pointed down at you. A metal panel in the blast door scrapes as it slides open. You see a large pair of glowing eyes staring at you from the dark. A gravelly voice speaks from within the doors, again in Ryl

<jolok>< someone from the crowd whips a pair of medpacks at him, bopping him in the head. Raden falls to his knees in supplication and begins to grovel>

<silence> Calls for droid

A very brightly polished silver protocol droid, with large, pimped out violet eyes and a blinking purple flame-job on his chest, approaches.

“His Swollen Magnificence, Jolok Tu’dah, demands to know why you have come to his palace, and how you convinced Raden to escort you.”

“Many in this room could not find this place unless they were invited, and some would have trouble if they were drawn a map. Perhaps there is more to you than meets the eye.”

“Enough. Join in my court for a few days. I have many matters to attend to, and I’m expecting visitors besides, but I smell a business opportunity here. Maybe we can explore working on a venture together, after we get to know each other.

Besides, my other associates would be disappointed if they missed an opportunity to take your money in our games <laughter>

Guards, take Raden to the dungeon to consider his failures.

The Vipers

You hear the screeching chorus of a dozen or swoops approaching quickly in the blueish twilight, and you see their headlights first.

Swoops begin streaming from between ruined buildings and dim alleys around you, their headlights cutting through the hazy blue twilight. The first ones stop within shouting distance but keep their engines idling while more and more slip through the cracks around you. The bikes cruise over the gaps in the terrain without heed. This is a rough crowd, not a regular security force – but they all have dark, shiny jackets, and each one has an insignia of a green viper.

A slender, darkly clad biker in a smooth enclosed black helmet with metal trim cruises in at last. The biker’s helmet retracts, revealing a hard-looking human woman who is clearly a veteran of many battles. You see numerous scars across her sneering mouth and neck. Her spiky black hair matches the dark armored clothing she wears. She is armed with a heavy blaster.

“That’s a pretty looking ship you’ve got back there. What’s her name?”

“You know, you set your pretty little ship down in Viper territory. Do you have enough credits to pay for a landing permit? It’s a thousand credits

“Maybe you misunderstood. It’s a thousand credits EACH, to land in this dump.

Consider it insurance – a security fee to ensure your pretty little ship is kept safe. You’re lucky – you landed on the nice side of town.”

Cato Neimoidia Day 1

When last we left our heroes (4/16/09):

The Gambit was renamed “The Maelstrom” by Desha. And as it took off from the Resurgence, it was soon met in space by 4 TIE Interceptors. They did not hail the vessel but instead flew straight towards them. Desha had plotted the course easily to jump to hyperspace but it was going to take 4 more minutes before they could jump. This gave worry to the crew as they opened fire on the TIEs without provocation. Quickly they learned it was hard to hit a fast moving target and their shields took a battering. They successfully jumped to hyperspace but not before Drax and “Lou” were knocked unconscious for the night. Upon arriving at Cato Neimoidia, this is the description they received:

The Arrival at Cato Neimoidia

The blue whirl of hyperspace recedes as you enter the Cato system. In a few hours, you approach the greenish hazy planet of Cato Neimoidia. On your approach, the automated Message to Spacers hails The Maelstrom, you note how little space traffic there appears to be, closer to the planet. The nav guides direct you toward a landing at the City of Zarra and you descend through the hazy atmosphere. Cato Nemoidia is the oldest of the Trade Federation Purse Worlds, and only the wealthiest of people were allowed to live on it. You see an ocean of white clouds, laced with of mountainous tree covered spires and archways poking above the cloud banks , with citys slung beneath and between them on massive bridge spans. The city is much bigger than you thought it might be, and the buildings are densely populated. The city was once incredibly opulent, full of ornately carved palaces, crusted with intricate facades, with even the road cobbles carved and often inlaid into mesmerizing patterns, but now is a smoking ruin, ransacked and burned – a product of the Clone Wars. You cruise above crumbled towers and rubble strewn streets, with a sparse population wandering in the desolation. The automated beacon directs you to a deserted spaceport landing pad that is relatively clear of debris, but you note with alarm as you cruise low, there are areas where you can see through the roads and see sky underneath. The light is beginning to wane. A female Neimoidian voice guides you in to land. You cruise past her starport control tower, which is dimly lit and has broken plasteel windows. “Welcome to Zarra, Cato Neimoidia. Purse World of the Trade Federation. May your business bring great profits.” It’s closing on the dinner hour. You smell the spices of cooking fires upwind in the breeze and you can see smoke rising from throughout the city and trailing off the side. There are tents and ramshackle shanties strewn amid the wreckage of the grander structures. You don’t feel the city swaying in the breeze, but you are aware of its position on the massive bridge. There is no horizon. Unlike in coastal cities you visited, you expect to see blue water behind that line, but there is only open sunset blooming in blue across the tops of the clouds. The entire city is shaded by a massive rock arch, which now seems impossibly large. You see a robed figure approaching from the tower. You recognize the voice as the Spaceport Administrator, a limping female Neimoidian. “Greetings, travelers. The spaceport fee is 200 credits.” Desha demanded I.D. from the elderly Neimoidian but quickly recanted after she gave her a stern talking to about who was in charge. Desha paid the 200 credits. Then the administrator talked about how ‘gangs and ruffians’ had started running protection rackets which caused her to charge 200 credits. Lash stepped in and told her that they were all secretly working for the Empire and that he could help. She started kicking and screaming and told the “ding-dang Empire types to take your stinkin’ money and leave cuz she didn’t need ‘em!” Lash demanded their 200 credits back at gunpoint and when she refused to pay he shot her dead. Watching from a breezeway was “Pa Kettle” and he turned to run only to be shot down by Lash. He threw the bodies over the skywalk before TeeO could see. They all wandered into town more wary of Lash now and were soon met by a ‘drunk’ Neimoidian who was looking for a handout and claimed to be a former Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Lash quickly kicked him in the face. Next, 6 members of a local swoop gang called the Vipers surrounded them and demanded 1000 credits for ‘taxes’. Lash flipped them off and started raising his voice bragging on how he’d ‘disposed’ of the last two who tried to collect from him. The leader, Kessra, gave the signal and they started attacking using vibroblades from the back of their swoops. Desha was hurt the worst but not before all of the swoop riders except Kessra were killed. She managed to get away. Two swoops were salvageable and Lash and Raymus successfully got them working. They spent the next few hours hitting local bars where Ados managed to bribe some local ruffians into revealing a contact name. Warrick “Womp Rat” Raden, a Devaronian thug and his gang hid out in the local warehouse district. If anyone could tell them where Tu’dah was, it would be him. They headed to the district where Raymus sensed the presence of at least seven minds in one building. Two Excavation droids removed rubble from a nearby building. Much to their surprise, when they approached the two droids literally ‘sprang’ into action using their circular saw attachments to attack. The droids were serving as lookouts and had been programmed by Womp Rat. One of the droids climbed to the top of a warehouse where Lash was hiding and almost caused the roof to collapse. TeeO shined in this battle as he took out three of the thugs guarding Warrick. The night ended as the gang threatened and cajoled Warrick to take them to see Tu’dah. He mentioned something also about a weapons shipment he was supposed to find.

Data search for destination Cato Neimoidia

From the Colonized Worlds section B-13 of the Library of Ossus , informational holograms, planets, civilized, colonized, colonies, galactic alliance controlled, two moons:

Cato Neimoidia

Cato Neimoidia Astrographical Region Colonies1

Moons 21

Rotation period 25 standard hours1

Orbital period 278 local days1

Physical Class Terrestrial Climate Temperate and moist1

Gravity Standard1

Primary terrain • Mountains • Fields • Forests • Bridge cities • Rock arches

Points of interest • Nute Gunray’s citadel • Federation’s Folly

Societal Immigrated species Neimoidians

Official language Pak Pak

Government Federation Population 100% Neimoidian

Major cities • Zarra

Major imports Labor, ore1

Major exports Droids, foodstuff, technology1

Affiliation • Galactic Republic • Trade Federation • Confederacy of Independent Systems • Galactic Empire • New Republic • Galactic Federation of Free Alliances

The oldest of the Neimoidian purse worlds, Cato Neimoidia was the location of Nute Gunray’s secret redoubt. The planet was near the Neimoidian homeworld of Neimoidia, also in the Colonies region. Only the richest of the Neimoidians were allowed to live on the planet. Their treasures were protected in vaults located in difficult landscape and protected by B1 battle droids. The cities of Cato Neimoidia were built on large bridges spanning massive rock arches. Cato Neimoidia featured vast forests rich in flora and fauna. Notable species included the Neimoidian kreehawk, a dangerous but beautiful avian found in some aviaries.

A Neimoidian room containing many valuables.


Cato Neimoidia was one of many worlds colonized by the Neimoidians early during the Old Republic era. The wealthiest and most resource-rich colony worlds were known as “purse worlds” that served as administrative posts ruling their own set of colonies. These purse worlds were the only colonies allowed to carry the name of Neimoidia. Other Neimoidian purse worlds include Deko Neimoidia and Koru Neimoidia, both were nearby in the same region of the Galaxy. Cato Neimoidia was the oldest purse world and may have been one of the earliest Neimoidian colonies. During the Clone Wars, it was a key member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and was defended by the Neimoidian Home Defense Legions. Towards the end of the Clone Wars, it was the last Separatist stronghold to be taken in the Core Worlds and Colonies. In 19 BBY, the Republic launched an attack on the redoubt, led by Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, as well as Republic Navy Commander Jan Dodonna, to find Viceroy Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation and bring him to justice. The bridge cities persisted in resisting the Republic, leading to a fierce aerial battle in which Plo Koon was shot down by his own clone pilots shortly after Order 66 was enacted by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who declared himself Emperor soon afterwards.


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