Raymus Antilles


Spouse – Teresa Darklighter

Raymus enlisted in the Army at the age of 18. He was a combat medic most of the 12 years and was in the same section (Squad) who earned the nickname Rat Bastards. He became best friends with the Squad leader Rickey, along with several others that managed to keep their lives, Tarrus and AJ always seemed to keep the group in high spirits with their constant jokes and mischief.

Sensing that he was some how different, never showing it attempting to hiding his use of the force. Though it caught up with him when saving the life of Rickey, it rose suspicion and got the attention of others. Raymus was quickly moved out from the battle field and moved to a desk job to a special unit that was keep in high secret. Shortly after, he meet Teresa, they were in ganged a short time after. His attempt to retire and quit did not go smoothly. With the threat of his fiancee death, Raymus had no choice but to return to the serve The Empire.

Raymus Antilles

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